Julie shares the video of how she created dances for Fashion Fest

for Big Brother 24 Head of Household (HOH) week 11 competition, houseguests in the final 4 watched and answered questions about a Fashion Party video with host Julie Chen Moonves, and now Julie reveals how she created her dance moves from the clip. After Alyssa Snider was kicked out of Big Brother House, Taylor Hale, Brittany Hoopes and Matt “Turner” Turner competed in the HOH competition. As the outgoing HOH, Monte Taylor was ineligible to compete. The game continued with the BB Fest theme of the season and brought the contestants to Fashion Fest.


of Big Brother The HOH competition featured a video with a montage of the outfits Julie wore throughout the season. In the video, Julie performed various dance moves to the song “Sunroof” by Nicky Youre and Dazy. Then, during the competition, she asked the houseguests a series of seven true or false questions about the video. For each correct answer, guests received one point. The questions were extremely detail-oriented, requiring the contestants to memorize not only what Julie was wearing, but also her dance moves. For example, question 1 asked, “True or fake? I snapped my fingers twice while wearing a purple dress.” After a question between Taylor and Brittany, Taylor was crowned the new HOH.

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In an interview with EW, Julie shared how she created the dance moves for the Fashion Fest video. She said, “I’m not kidding when I tell you that every week I spent more time and energy trying to figure out what new dance step I was going to do instead of preparing questions for whoever was going to be evicted that night.” She explained that she spends her time in the hair and makeup chair scrolling through Reels and TikTok and looking for trending dances. In a post on Instagram, Julie wrote that the video is the closest she will get to TikTok and that she liked the song “Sunroof” that accompanied her dance moves.

Big Brother Presenter Julie knew her dance moves had to be perfect. She agreed, “I know my limitations and that the moves have to be age appropriate!” Julie watched some videos of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s 16-year-old Shiloh, whose dance moves have gone viral. She said, “BTW, did you know that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is an incredible dancer?” Julie also shared how the video was made, explaining, “I did all my dances without music and I didn’t even know what song they were going to use.” Julie revealed her muse for making the video, saying: “My biggest inspiration was a little girl in her car seat dancing to Lizzo’s ‘About Damn Time’.”

Julie was surprised Big Brother fans with her Fashion Fest video. It was a great way for the host to show another side of himself. Plus, the HOH competition was very challenging, expecting the guests to remember very specific details about the video. Although the physical games on the show push contestants to their limits, the mental races can also be very taxing. Julie is a great sport and hopefully she will be the star of more Big Brother competitions in the future.

of Big Brother the schedule for the last week is different from the usual days and times. Check local listings.

Source: EW, Julie Chen Moonves/Instagram

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