La’ French – Hand-Picked Fragrances from the best Artisans

La' French

La’ French – Hand-Picked Fragrances from the best Artisans

If you like yourself smelling fresh without making an effort, look no further. Here’s Homegrown’s special curation of the finest artisanal fragrances from India.

Started by Mr. Tarun Saraf, La’ French is a meticulously crafted perfume brand from Mumbai, Maharashtra. This Mumbai-based brand is a startup focusing on providing quality luxury perfumes at affordable prices. For a market like India, no matter what the quality is, if it is not affordable, you lose your market share.

This has reinvented the perfume market, offering luxury fragrances at very reasonable prices without compromising the quality of the fragrance. The quality of the perfumes coupled with the price range has attracted thousands of customers. 

Mr. Tarun Saraf, the Managing Director of the brand La’ French. has a massive 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and is one of the very few importers of perfumes in India. However, the Indian perfume market is huge, even though most people prefer imported perfumes. Also, there are very few Indian perfume brands that people actually rely on. To fill this gap Mr. Tarun Saraf created an Indian luxurious perfume brand and that’s how La’ French came into existence in the year 2020. A collection of top-notch quality fragrances in a very affordable range. These skin-friendly perfumes last longer and can be used 24/7. 

La’ French believes that the quality of ingredients that are put into a perfume sets it apart from the commercial perfumes that dominate the market. The brand prides itself on using natural ingredient blends for its perfumes. They aim to create a luxury fragrance brand with the finest in quality and at an affordable price. Due to this customers have been elated with the complexity of the fragrances.

Perfumes of the highest quality are available at La’ French. A fragrance that is a delight to the heart and soul, bringing forth the essence and originality of fragrances. In addition to enhancing your mood, La’ French perfumes boost your motivation and self-confidence to beat the game. A pleasant fragrance is a form of aromatherapy. They help you improve your psychological behavior and bring back memories of pleasant times in your life.

Manifest the real essence of  fragrances with La’ French. 

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