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Walmart’s drone delivery service hits Arizona, Texas and Florida markets with DoneUp

Walmart’s drone delivery service is now available to select customers in the Arizona, Texas and Florida markets.

The option is available from four stores in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fulfilled by 11 stores in the Dallas, Texas area.

and seven stores in Tampa and Orlando, Florida.

This follows Walmart’s plan to expand its drone network to reach four million additional households in six US states.

“Drone delivery allows our customers to easily purchase those last minute or forgotten items in bulk. We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation at Walmart,” said Vic Gopalakrishnan, Vice President of Innovation and Automation, Walmart US.

“It may seem like a future choice, but it’s always giving our customers what they want, and it’s time to focus on what’s most important.”

Startup Stories Interview: Jack Green and Brandon Neiman, Founders of Bodo

RTIH was founded by former CloudKitchens and Deliveroo executives and will acquire a plugin on Bodo that enables e-commerce brands to deliver one-hour and same-day delivery directly from their website or store.

Evry and Zara buyers pointed to online delivery as a big issue

Chattermill research based on customer reviews shows that delivery is one of the top concerns for retail customers, with speed and timeliness being key contributors to the negative sentiment received by some popular fashion retail brands.

Chattermill analyzed over 152,000 PublicTrustpilot reviews from customers shopping at Asos, H&M, New Look, Next and Zara, recorded between 1 January and 4 September.

Based on customer ratings, New Look and Asos have the best customer experience and Zara the worst.

Delivery complaints often focus on the fact that although they specify a certain number of days for the delivery of purchases on their website – usually around two to four days – packages are delayed, items often arrive outside the indicated time frame.

An explanation for this can be linked to the postal service analyzed by fashion brands. Based on feedback from customers, Evri (formerly Hermes) is the most problematic courier brand, followed by DHL and Yodel in the number of negative reviews.

As shown in the data, this negativity is transferred to the companies that use them.

As instant grocery delivery funding declines and consumer spending declines, Gethir buys gorillas.

After weeks of rumors, Gethir has officially announced its purchase of Gorillas.

“Markets go up and down, but consumers love our service and convenience is here to stay. The fast-paced grocery delivery industry will continue to grow for many years, and Gethir is leading this category, which it created seven years ago.”

The amount of VC money burned to invest in a fast-paced business space is staggering.

With this latest move, can we imagine a start-up will survive and thrive alongside traditional retailers like Tesco who saw what was going on and came up with their own offering?

Currys celebrates busy Black Friday and tackles digital poverty with Christmas carols

Electrical retailer Courier said it was the fourth busiest site online in the UK on Black Friday with eight million customers.

He is also getting into the Christmas carol business, sung by one of his employees.

In a LinkedIn post, Andy Gamble, Chief Information Officer | Curris Chief Transformation Officer said, “Raphael Barnett, aka 3Style from our Staples Corner store, has written and performed an amazing track showcasing a selection of in-store tech.

He added: “And since it’s Christmas – for every view/video on TikTok, we’ll donate 1p to fight digital poverty.” So show me some love… and let me know what you think in the comments.

All in all now, we’re real, no robots, on-point advice, no roadblocks, techies to set up, buy direct with no strings attached.

New Vision agrees partnership with e-commerce startup Primer on digital payments.

Primer has announced a partnership with digital payments firm New Look.

The UK startup was founded by Braintree and PayPal students and offers a drag-and-drop framework for merchants to build online payment portfolios.

It says the tie-up will provide the fashion retailer with “an extensive code-free infrastructure that empowers its online shopping experience and ensures it’s aligned with the sector’s needs.”

With Premier, New Look can integrate dozens of innovative solutions from payment providers and fraud tools to checkout modules, express wallets, and now purchase, maintain and automate payments with just a few clicks in a dashboard.

Walmart, Pandora and Printemps: Last week’s biggest retail technology plays at a glance.

RTIH narrows down the deals, deals and pilots of retail systems that have been announced over the past seven days. Featuring Zippy, JD Sports, Too, Amazon, Forever 21, and Macy’s.

L’Oréal chooses free and Avery Dennison technology in a pop-up store in Germany

L’Oréal has deployed free of charge grab and go technology in a pop-up shop in Düsseldorf, Germany.

It is also using RFID tags from Avery Dennison. Customers pass their shopping bags with beauty products through the U-shaped checkout area.

The toll-free Bag Fast Track solution automatically identifies the items in each shopping bag because an RFID tag is attached to each one. Customers pay contactless using a card or digital wallet.

Our next big innovation in loyalty. The Starbucks Odyssey experience powered by Web3 technology begins

Starbucks Odyssey, an extension of Starbucks Rewards powered by Web3 technology, has launched in beta for a select group of members, including customers and employees, in the US.

The retailer brought on Adam Brotman, architect of the mobile ordering and payment system and Starbucks app, as a special consultant.

Participants can take part in Starbucks Odyssey ‘Journeys’, a series of activities to earn Travel Stamps (NFTs) and Odyssey Points that unlock new benefits and experiences.

“Starbucks has a history of leveraging new technologies on behalf of our customers and making them accessible and mainstream,” said Brady Beer, Starbucks vice president and chief marketing officer.

“Our innovative spirit and desire to continually exceed our customers’ expectations has led to the launch of Starbucks Odyssey.”

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