Let’s work on how to get media attention

Look, here you are! We partnered with start-up.ro, a Bucharest-based media covering the local tech startup ecosystem since 2015, entrepreneurs and aspiring founders, to bring our passion for startups and quality stories.

To build bridges in Eastern Europe, we would like to invite you to the “About Media Tech” event in Bucharest, Romania. Let’s talk about the importance of telling the right story and find out how entrepreneurs and communications managers can speak the same language as journalists.

>> Space is limited, but access is free, all you need to bring is your networking skills. Join the event on October 13th at Commons Unirii. <<

“The Startup Ecosystem in the Eastern European Region as a Collaborative, The Recursive and the start-up.ro team felt the need to take this lesson and put it into practice. We’ve combined our experience of talking to more than 1,000 startups over the years and wanted to bring founders an evening where they can learn how to manage media relations and harness the power of words. Together, we will offer a workshop with insight into how to reach journalists, but we will discuss this with founders who have already learned this,” said Vlad Andrescu, Editor-in-Chief at start-up.ro.

How to tell the story to achieve your business goals

As you may or may not know, you may be building a very new solution out there. But the key to success is communicating your efforts outside the community.

Media players have the power to help with brand awareness and support your visibility as you build your solution. And just like coding, they have their language.

At the event, you can find out about a workshop on how to collaborate with the media, as well as a panel with local tech startup founder Cosmin Kosma, founder and CEO of a fintech company..

Cosmin Cosma has a background in philosophy and management. He is the Chairman of the Unchain Fintech Festival, the President of the Board of the Romanian Fintech Association and has held various management positions in the financial market. At Finqware, the team aims to support the company’s growth by facilitating partnerships between players.

About media preparation, Ens Tech is waiting for you:

  • 18:30 – warm-up
  • 18:45 – Intro start-up.ro and Recursive from Vlad Andrescu Editor-in-Chief and Elena Vrabi, Sales and Senior Content Manager
  • 19:00 – Media workshop
  • 20:00 – Talk to Cosmin Cosma – Finqware
  • 20:40 – Question and answer from the public
  • 21: 00-21: 30 – Network


Commons Unirii is Recursive’s hub house until the end of the year. Located in the heart of Bucharest, it is designed to inspire creativity and collaboration.

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