Luxury fashion retailer Aashni and Co partners with N7

Aashni and Co, UKDesigner Luxury Fashion Recently partnered based retailer N7 – Nitrogen Platform to improve its online shopping experience for its customers

London AND MUMBAI, India, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the fall of 2012, Aashni and Co. launched its concept store in of London Notting Hill beauty to pioneer the most coveted edge in Indian celebrity designer brands. Since then, the business has been known for giving UK citizens access to avant-garde South Asian designers through haute couture collections, ready-to-wear, jewelery and accessories.

Today, the clothing retailer has become one of the of London the most coveted locations for high-end Indian fashion, attracting the interest of both fashion enthusiasts and celebrities from the city and Continental Europe. Designers include Anamika Khanna, Anushri Reddy, Gaurav Gupta, Manish MalhotraSabyasachi, Ridhi Mehra, Seema GujralVvani from Vani Vats, Varun Bahl, and the likes.

In 2016, Aashni and Co shifted its focus to digital online store with the commitment to serve its potential customers through value added digital channels. After the outbreak of the pandemic, they aimed to create a faster and improved experience for its South Asian diaspora community, which makes up a large part of its customer base. As the traffic has now exceeded a limit, they shut down N7 – Nitrogen’s CDN and AI platformguided Image Optimization (AIO) products.

For starters, to speed up page load times, improve SEO, improve user experience and reduce bandwidth costs, one of the key areas to optimize is website images. N7 – Nitrogen Platform AIO automatically optimizes images on the fly, improves speed and reduces infrastructure cost.

After the pandemic, N7 – CDN, AIO, Java Script Accelerator (JSA) and Nitrogen Platform Security solutions are fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for seamless and smooth digital browsing experience for online customers due to the use of AI/ML. technology, and subsequently, this is resulting in increased conversions.

IN India, CDN and AIO market is dominated by foreign players, but N7 – Nitrogen Platform is the only Indian player that offers quality, customized CDN and AIO offerings at a better price.

Akash RathiHead of Operations, Aashni and Co, says, “We evaluated quite a few CDN, JSA and AIO products, but N7 – Nitrogen Platform has it all in one. Our online platform has been garnering huge site visits and we want to provide exceptional and seamless browsing and shopping experience to our customers as we know it will help us get more customers.Their JSA offering is unique and is accelerating our 1st and 3rd party java scripts .”

In this case, the CEO Manoj Bubna i N7 – Nitrogen Platform, explains, “We are helping Aashni and Co to provide a better visual user experience by rendering the site faster and more consistently and enabling its customers to interact with the site earlier. We have been extremely successful IN e-commerce space mainly because of our depth and experience. Our ECtrade The vertical stack gives a significant increase in performance due to products such as predictive caching, instant product catalog filter and search, Java script acceleration, etc.”

About N7 – Nitrogen Platform

N7 – Nitrogen Platform is a new-age digital experience and streaming platform that delivers better digital experiences, drives conversions and increases engagement. It accelerates performance by using predictive caching, third-party Java script acceleration, and instant rendering of catalog and product pages. With its ultra-fast network and edge computing, the Nitrogen platform is used by its globally deployed customers to deliver accelerated content delivery, high-quality video, advanced security and hyper-personalized experiences. It also includes a true digital experience monitor that provides an unprecedented level of insight into user interactions and server-side application transactions. For inquiries visit –


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