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There is nothing better than that. Being the largest LP in your $101 million fund shows that you have a lot of confidence in yourself as an investor, right?

Especially if you put your faith in it, as Sarah Guo did after she left Greylock after ten years of investing in a well-known venture group. Last week, she announced that she had raised $101 million for a new fund for companies building artificial intelligence and software 3.0.

Guo spoke to the TechCrunch Equity podcast hosted by Natasha Mascarenhas and Alex Wilhelm about her startup fund and the broader market she’s investing in today. The talk is live wherever you find podcasts, so give it a listen if you haven’t already. We’ve extracted four key quotes from the interview for further discussion below. Guo’s comments have been edited slightly for clarity.

Think boldly in the innings

Part of the appeal of startups is that if things don’t go wrong, which they often do, you may find yourself as an early employee on a rocket ship. That counts in VC too, if you’re the first person to back a company like Air Table or see the power of connected fitness.

But what happens when you sometimes want to disrupt the category around the block? Guo shares her framework around venture innings, and how that plays into the new focus areas on offense:

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