MAMAMOO Moonbyul Fashion: Where to Find Idol’s OTDs in ‘The Second World’

MAMAMOO Moonbyul is known for her tomboy fashion. Although she occasionally wears dresses and skirts, her personal favorites are those that are comfortable to wear.

In her recent appearance on JTBC’s “The Second World,” rapper MAMAMOO showed off various fashion styles as she became a one-woman group.

If you liked her fashion in any of them, then you’re in luck because we’re going to tell you where to buy them!

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Moda: Bassist

The MAMAMOO member wore a loose blue shirt, black skinny jeans and converse shoes. Although her fashion is very simple, she still stands out because she is MOONBYUL.

(Photo : KPOP JAMM – YouTube)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul Moda: Bassist

As for her outfits, you can get similar clothes at Lauweion Women, they have a trendy Graphic Baggy Oversized T-Shirt.

For her shoes, you can get the Converse Unisex-Adult Chuck Taylor All-Star Core Ox, while her pants can be purchased at Amazon Essentials.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Fashion: Drummer

Another cozy look for MAMAMOO member Moonbyul wore black and white striped long sleeves with an oversized black shirt on top. She paired it with loose pants and a silver necklace for her accessory.

Where to Find Idol's OOTDs in 'The Second World'

(Photo : KPOP JAMM – YouTube)
MAMAMOO Moonbyul Fashion: Drummer

While sitting down, her overall fashion, especially her pants are not that visible. However, if you liked that look, we recommend these articles.

You can shop at the SweatyRocks store their regular striped long sleeve crewneck top. for the black shirt, I’m sure you already have one.

The same goes for the sweatpants, you can get them online through the SweatyRocks store on Amazon. They have casual and loose denim jeans with wide legs.

For her silver necklace, you can search for VOCOSTE and their flat snake chain choker necklace for women is only $12.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Moda: Guitarist

Moving on to the next member of the group Moonbyul, the MAMAMOO guitarist member wore a baggy white shirt, black leather vest, ripped mom jeans with her hair in a ponytail, looking totally like the Rockstar that she is.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Moda: Guitarist

(Photo : KPOP JAMM – YouTube)
Where to Find Idol’s OOTDs in ‘The Second World’

You can get a similar leather vest at VATPAVE for men since Moonbyul actually wears men’s clothes. For ripped mom jeans, Floerns Women’s High Waist Ripped Jeans is the way to go.

I’m sure you have a baggy white shirt to wear under that leather vest, so make sure it’s really nice and you’re good to go!

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Moda: Vocalist

Recently, vocalist Moonbyul wore a pink dress with a black shirt inside. For her bottoms, she wore wide leg pants, a black belt and black platform shoes. For her accessories, she has lots of white pearl necklaces and hand warmer gloves.

MAMAMOO Moonbyul Moda: Vocalist

(Photo: MAMAMOO – Twitter)
Where to find MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s ‘Second World’ OOTDs

MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s fashion in this is very similar to Avril Lavigne’s “Skat8r Boi” era. You can get a similar pink tutu skirt at the G&J online store. For her pink corset top, you can get it at the Orchard Corset Store on Amazon.

They have a variety of satin corsets to choose from if you’re not a fan of pink. As for her wide leg pants, they are available in the HDLTE store, they have a lot of wide leg straight pants.

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Written by Jaswin Singh

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