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Love of fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. This is why Mana Fashion services are all the rage.

They specialize in turning your old clothes into something new. The best part is that you will go from skinny to fab while helping planet earth.

If you have a bunch of clothes you don’t know what to do with, don’t throw them away! Mana Fashion Services has a solution.

Martu Freeman-Parker: “Mana Fashion’s goal is to create community in the fashion industry in downtown Miami.”

This Thursday, they will host a zero waste workshop and networking experience where people can learn how to recycle their clothes.

Martu Freeman-Parker: “This is our first workshop as Mana Fashion Services and our goal is to bring the community together to learn. Sustainability is one of our top priorities for our fashion designers here in Miami.”

Mana is getting a little help from artist and designer Pangea Virga.

Martu Freeman-Parker: “Pangea is an action. She does it every day. She is active in this community. It builds this community. She is the best person to have this conversation with.”

Pangea is super talented. Her designs are totally unique and she doesn’t waste a single piece of fabric.

Pangea Virga: “I make one-of-a-kind clothing from recycled pieces, so things donated by the community or other designers, I take apart and recreate new things with them.”

In the workshop she will teach people how to mend their clothes. There will also be a swap where people can swap their unwanted clothes with someone else, and then there will be a cocktail hour where everyone can drink afterwards.

Pangea Virga: “I think it’s important for people to learn how to make amends, to come to these kinds of workshops to exchange, so that things don’t just end up in landfills.”

She believes that in order to make a difference, people need to be willing participants, and that’s why she joined Mana for the workshop.

Pangea Virga: “It’s really nice to have a space that we can all share to learn new things together, share our resources together and create a better future.”

Want to update your style without compromising the planet? The workshop is this Thursday!

For seminar tickets, click here.

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