Manas introduces Insertion Type Thermal Mass Flow Meter



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Flow measurement of: Compressed Air, Industrial Oxygen, Fuel gases like LPG, PNG, CNG, Bio-Gas, and many more other gases


Manas – Accurate mass flow rate measurement for industrial gases is critical in today’s competitive industrial environment. Improvements in process quality, operational efficiency, and energy savings are all closely correlated with accurate gas flow measurement. Manas Microsystems is pleased to present the insertion-type Thermal Mass Flow Meter, a unique and user-friendly solution made for smooth integration into your operations, in response to this essential requirement.


Better Accuracy and Dependability

Manas Microsystems’ insertion-type Thermal Mass Flow Meter is designed to measure overall gas flow as well as instantaneous flow rates with remarkable precision. Our sophisticated sensor technology, in contrast to conventional flow meters, guarantees steady performance independent of process pressure and temperature changes. Because of its sturdy design, accurate readings are possible in a variety of settings without the requirement for temperature or pressure correction.


Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Our design concept is based on simplicity. The sensor only needs to be cleaned with compressed air occasionally because it has no moving parts. It’s easy to install: just slide the sensor into a pre-welded socket on your pipeline or duct and tighten the screw. Assemble the sensor following the simple directions in the operation manual, ensuring that the required straight pipe lengths are maintained on both sides. The electronics and sensor are pre-connected, streamlining and expediting the setup process.


Adaptable Utilization in All Sectors

For many different types of industrial applications, our Thermal Mass Flow Meter is the best option. Our flow meter provides accurate and trustworthy data for measuring compressed air flow or tracking fuel gases like LPG, PNG, and CNG. If characteristics of gases are known, this versatile instrument can measure a wide range of other gases, allowing thorough monitoring and management of gas use.


Streamline Your Procedures to Ensure Maximum Effectiveness

You can keep a careful eye on gas flow rates, document consumption trends, and make targeted adjustments for increased process efficiency and energy savings with the Thermal Mass Flow Meter from Manas Microsystems. You may make well-informed judgments with the help of this vital data, which will improve your operations’ efficiency and profitability.


About Manas Microsystems

Manas Microsystems provides cutting-edge solutions for industrial measurement needs. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our products meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Join many of our satisfied customers who have transformed their operations with our state-of-the-art Thermal Mass Flow Meter.


For more information about our insertion-type Thermal Mass Flow Meter and how it can benefit your industry, visit our website or contact our sales team at +91 7507770671 today. Experience the future of gas flow measurement with Manas Microsystems.


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