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We were having a great time starting the week. Runa SandvikThe story of how US police are using digital data to force abortions in our post-Ro-V-WAD world. TL;DR Healthcare in the US is a strange world, and if you’re going to DM your friends about potentially illegal things, you should use end-to-end encrypted messages. – Christine And came

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“I can’t explain. It’s amazing,” said Alphonzo “Phonz” Terrell. Amanda. After Elon Musk lost his job at Twitter, the former global head of social and editorial did not want to rest – he wanted to build. “When I came straight out of it, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s time. Whether we get support or not, it’s time to build.” Now it just raised $3 million to build a competitor on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter options, Aisha And Taylor He took to the internet to find the best Twitter alternatives worth checking out. Ultimately, they conclude, there is no one-to-one replacement for Twitter, and there never will be.

Oh, and good news for gaming nerds after so many silly mistakes: Amanda The 403-page Dungeons & Dragons game system is now licensed under Creative Commons.

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What do recent changes to state taxes mean for US SaaS startups?

Image Credits: Daniela Simona Temneanu / EyeEm (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

For SaaS startups, tax time can be confusing.

Some states treat software-as-a-service products as, um, services, while others classify them as, um, products.

“There is also the issue of self-wrapping,” says Ardi Esmaili, a junior tax accountant. “SaaS may not be taxed, but when combined with hardware it is.”

To help founders better understand their liability, Esmaeili shares tips on how to identify the company’s physical assets and lists several categories of SaaS that may be taxed.

“Get an expert involved as soon as you can,” he wrote. “Don’t think you don’t have to worry about it just yet, because waiting can have serious consequences.”

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Big Tech Inc.

Manish Manu Jain is reportedly the latest Xiaomi executive to leave. This could be a bit of a shake-up for the company as it was Jain who has been building and growing the smartphone maker’s presence in India.

Well, now here you are, checking all the security boxes, setting up your two-factor authentication, and along comes a hacker – albeit a paid one – finds a bug, which allows someone to bypass that two-factor authentication. Facebook and Instagram. I guess it’s fine if you keep it, but ugh! Lorenzo It has more.

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