Me Jéan celebrates 5 years of fashion for girls

The Aussie label celebrates its 5th anniversary by dropping the Archives collection

The Aussie label celebrates its 5th anniversary by dropping the Archives collection

What’s better than a working girl, boss of fashion? The 2 best friends of the girls’ boss, duh?

Once known as the “Two Twenty e Something Aussies”, best friends Sami Lorking-Tanner and Evangeline Titilas are now proud co-founders of Australian label With Jéan and have even been featured in this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia as an honoree in The List of Arts. Although the label garnered a cult following from its romantic dresses, the original intent behind the passion project was to create the perfect top to pair with a pair of jeans. Lo and behold, Zhan was born. Today, co-founders Lorking-Tanner and Titilas celebrate their 5th anniversary by launching drop 1 of archives gathering.

archives the collection consists of nostalgic fan favorites as well as the reintroduction of beloved silhouettes that are key to the label. Through this collection, the dynamic duo reflects on their memorable and fulfilling journey of creating collections that fit their “ever-evolving world of fashion”.

“Reflecting on these past five unimaginable years, we want to celebrate this momentous occasion, a story we could never have dreamed of. To us and thanks to you for appreciating two women with one mind and one idea, both of whom we truly love. It’s just been us and you from the beginning.” Lorking-Tanner and Titila share with their followers on Instagram.

The girls remember the campaign for Cher dress-released in 2019- as they return to France to shoot archives campaign. With the 21-piece first drop, the label reintroduces some of their fan favorites from previous collections. The design duo shot, filmed and styled every aspect of the campaign proving to be the ultimate feminine dream team.

Sami Lorking-Tanner’s favorite piece from the collection is the Sabrin dress. “It’s so perfect,” she says. Evangeline Titilar’s is either Adeline’s new top or one of Cindy’s corsets. Which is your favorite?

archives the collection is available now exclusively online at With Jéan.

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