Metaverse Tech Firm Peer Inc. Partners with a hot advisor

Peer Inc., a Metaverse technology company, has entered into a new partnership with Seattle-based creative agency Fresh Consulting.

Peer will work with Fresh to deliver its vision of a gamified digital layer on top of the world and support its mission to bring people and content into the metaverse.

Fresh provides a team of engineers, developers, designers and strategists who build innovative end-to-end solutions for some of the world’s largest technology companies.

“The AR is eating the Metaverse.” “We were looking for a crack-shot executive team to deliver on our massive AR vision to leapfrog ahead of the competition. We found it at Fresh. Their impressive portfolio and extensive service offerings will enable us to advance our mission in no time.”

said Tony Tran, CEO and CTO, Peer Inc

Peer will work with Fresh to develop hardware and software experiences on Peer’s decentralized blockchain to drive mass adoption, give users ownership of their data, and help them monetize what they create online.

“The metaverse is inevitable,” Tran said. We see a clear path to a magical AR experience in a consistent product that people want to use every day. Blockchain gives peers what they need to go from a digital experience to a digital reality. We’re so excited about what’s to come, we can’t sit still.”

In a recent podcast with Fresh Consulting on the metaverse, Tran explained the enormous potential. “In its simplest form, Metaverse will be an extension of the three-dimensional web we know and love today.”

Metaverse Content is everywhere and connects everything. We know how to integrate the current web, all the data on the web, and all the connected devices, and then map that to the physical world.

Fresh is a fifteen-year-old company with more than 380 employees, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with offices in Portland, Bangkok, Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Fresh has delivered award-winning work serving more than 400 clients, from startups to Fortune 100 companies. They provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions in strategy, design, software and hardware.

“We’re excited to work with Peer on where the future is going.” “There are a billion augmented reality devices today, and in the future, the holy grail of technology is where it’s going to go. It’s the promise of scaling how we make AR a natural human experience.”

Fresh Consulting CEO Jeff Dance said.

For more insight into AR and the future of the metaverse, please watch this interview with Jeff Dance, Tony Tran, and Peer COO Heath Abbate.

About Peer Inc.

Peer is a Metavase technology company that builds a gamified digital layer on top of the world. Pear is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. To learn more, please visit the website and follow Peer Twitter.


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