Mining Tech Startup Lands DDH1, Opens Doors to New Office to Kickoff FY23

PERTH, Australia, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mining Technology Startup, CorplanIt closed out an impressive financial year with 50 businesses and nearly 2,000 users. All in less than two years since the first production.

CorePlan is a cloud-based workspace for mining teams and drilling contractors to manage their drilling operations. The product replaces outdated workflows such as manual data entry with a user-friendly, cost-effective digital solution for collecting and sharing drilling data.

CorePlan customers include junior explorers to enterprise-level players From Viking Mine to Chalice Mine. Teams that used to rely on paper and spreadsheets to run their drill programs. Now, using CorePlan to collaborate with their entire research team in one workspace. Remote field teams, drilling contractors and headquarters staff can now work better together because everyone is working on the same digital page.

Drilling companies have also been registering on the platform in droves. The drilling portion of the software streamlines the complete exploration workflow using an all-in-one solution for drilling wells, exchanging information, invoicing clients and reporting.

CorePlan can serve as a standalone digital operations management system for both drilling and exploration companies, but the SaaS startup is creating an entirely new workflow that connects the two sides of an exploration drilling program. The result is an interconnected solution not seen before in the industry.

Amid the impressive success of early adopters, more and more enterprise-level customers are signing up to accelerate their digital transformation projects and use the platform to run their business.

In the last quarter of FY22 only, industry titans DDH1They have moved to the modern platform to run their business.

“Working with the dynamic CorePlan team is definitely a game-changer for DDH1 Drilling. We have begun the transition to the state-of-the-art PLOD system and it has been well received by our customer base.” he said. Peter CrennanGeneral manager WA, who is leading the shift.

According to Peter, the company has one of the five largest fleets in the world and needs custom boarding. “Throughout the journey, we have tasked CorePlan with building and developing areas of their product that meet DDH1’s needs, and none of these developments have been without a hitch. We look forward to working closely with the DDH1 team at CorePlan and what the future holds. A continued relationship.”

The extensive growth necessitated a recruitment drive and subsequent relocation to new offices at 33 King Street in the heart of the Perth CBD.

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