My favorite tech: Tim Russell

Tim Russell Russell is the chief technology officer of Whitewater-based Roofing Marketplace, an insurance startup trying to disrupt the way roofing claims are met. Although he wanted his work to be immersed in everything…

Tim Russell

Russell is the chief technology officer of Whitewater-based RoofMarketplace, an insurance startup trying to disrupt the way roof claims are processed. While his job requires him to be immersed in all things technology, he uses technology as a way out when he’s off the clock.

Wisconsin Public Library Association

“I’m an avid reader, but I don’t feel the need to own every book I read. Enter the Wisconsin Digital Library, a consortium of public libraries in Wisconsin. It’s an easy way to get a digital book loan for your e-reader of choice. Not all titles are available, and there is often a good wait, but it is easy to queue up a list and read what comes next, or if you are engrossed in something else, it is easy to snooze one for a week or two. (Don’t tell anyone, but if you put your device on airplane mode, your credit will never expire.)”

Mechanical keyboard

“When it comes to keyboards, there are DIY enthusiasts. I’m not one. But for typing speed and accuracy, there’s no tactile feedback from a good keyboard with mechanical key switches. These aren’t (all) your grandmother’s loud clicky-clacks. Consumers want different noises, sensations, and You can choose pressure options.Mine is a full size GMMK model with brown switches.


“A virtual private network is a secure, encrypted connection to the rest of the Internet. No one can read your traffic between you and your VPN gateway. For businesses, it’s critical to ensure that your critical resources aren’t accessible over unsecured networks like coffee shop Wi-Fi. We use Perimeter 81. For personal use, I prefer not to have my ISP track my every online activity. I use Mulvad to prevent this.


“Imagine your favorite pastime without the hassle. This is Factorio for software developer. It’s a game where you land on a planet and mine its resources, turn it into other products, kill aliens, and eventually build a rocket – instead of doing it all by hand (a la Minecraft), you build a machine. Do everything for you. There’s a reason it’s affectionately called the Cractorio.

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