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There are lunches, and then there are lunch. It takes a lot to impress the fashion crowd, especially in the middle of fashion week when everyone is pulling out all the stops, but Mytheresa and Gabriela Hearst did just that by inviting an intimate crowd to dine at none other than Eleven Madison Park for lunch. .

Mytheresa’s Michael Kliger, Eleven Madison Park chef Daniel Humm and designer Gabriela Hearst hosted the likes of Meena Harris, Sophia Roe, Athena Calderone, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, Stephanie Shepard, Ariel Nicholson and more for a vegan meal catered by the restaurant. The event came after a meeting in Munich between Mytheresa and Hearst a few years ago, which was such a success that they wanted to recreate it in New York this fashion week.

Before being seated, Hearst said that Humm is a close friend, so she was able to secure the high-end restaurant for the venue.

“He is one of my closest people. I bring people I like together,” she said.

Humm told the room that he and Hearst have been friends for a while, and that he’s had a front-row seat to her career since it began.

“Gabi is taking over the world, and she’s doing it in a new way with a higher purpose, with a message,” Humm said. “We spent a lot of time together during the pandemic and there were these moments where it was scary and we didn’t know what was going to happen to our industries, and if we were going to have careers or a future, and it’s been amazing to see that you come out of it with such strength.”

Hearst returned the compliments to her chef friend, recalling that he had told her in the middle of the pandemic that when he reopened, he wanted to do so as a vegan restaurant.

“I was like ‘um,'” Hearst told the room, to much laughter. “Like your friend, you’re talking to bankruptcy attorneys and you’re famous for your duck. I just want to make sure that’s clear.”

Guests experienced just how right Humm turned out to be, sampling dishes like cold honey celery jus, steamed noodles, grilled squash with poblano peppers and seitan, and fresh peaches with cherries and almonds.

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