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If you’ve followed NASA’s many interplanetary and orbital missions, you’re no doubt familiar with the agency’s associate administrator for science, Thomas Zurbuch. It also oversees NASA’s science program, with a budget of about $7 billion a year.

That’s a pretty big number, but there’s a huge reason we’re excited to have Dr. Zurbucci join us on stage at TC Sessions: Space on December 6th in Los Angeles.

Zurbuchin is the science program manager for NASA, which includes Earth science, heliophysics, planetary science and astrophysics. The program is helping to answer some of the biggest questions of human origin.

A keen observer of the natural world since childhood in Switzerland, Zurbuchin earned a master’s degree and a doctorate in physics from the University of Bern. As a professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor – where he taught courses in space science, aerospace engineering and innovation – he focused on solar, heliospheric and planetary instruments and data analysis.

He has led several University of Michigan innovation initiatives in education and research, one of which resulted in a highly ranked national undergraduate entrepreneurship program. Zurbuchin joined NASA in 2016 and engages people around the world in the agency’s mission and science initiatives.

In a discussion titled “Asking and Answering Humanity’s Big Questions,” Zurbuchin will discuss the unknown questions that he, his program, and various leadership groups are trying to answer: Where did we come from? Are we alone? How does the universe work?

These questions and answers—and the science behind finding them—are more important than ever as the space economy continues to grow, collaborations between government and private commercial space companies increase, and geopolitical conflict affects national security.

We’re excited to hear Zurbucci’s perspective on how NASA – the mission and applied science – are evolving. Will this evolution affect our ability to find answers to the big, universal questions facing our collective humanity?

It should be noted that Zurbucci, who has served in this position longer than anyone else, has recently announced his retirement. You can be sure we’ll be asking what’s next for him. Be in the room to be sure it will be an amazing conversation.

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