NAVEE TECH Launches Electric Scooter S65/N65/N40 in Spanish Market

Madrid — (Business Wire–Recently NAVEE TECH created NAVEE S65, N65 and N40 E-scooters. People rave about these unique city cruisers. The S65 e-scooter was launched on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform, in May and the goal was 100% funded in less than 5 minutes.

Key features of the NAVEE S65 e-scooter include:

A 500W mounted motor that can reach a maximum power of up to 1000W and allows fast acceleration with a powerful 28% slope climbing capability.

A massive 46.8V 12.75Ah lithium-ion battery capacity allows users to travel up to 65 kilometers on a single charge.

The front and rear suspension prevents excessive shocks on one side, which reduces the overall impact and improves driving comfort.

Option to freely adjust different driving modes: Eco, Standard and Sport.

Track driving statistics in real time via smart app.

A battery management system ensures maximum power supply and monitors battery status with multiple protection mechanisms to ensure battery safety and notify users of battery alarms when necessary.

  • 500 W installed motor

  • Double suspension system

  • 65 km

  • 10 inch self-sealing tubeless tires

  • Built-in clear LED display

  • Hill Class 28%

  • IPX5 waterproof

  • Smart APP

The NAVEE N65 electric scooter has a great specification with good performance.

65KM Ultra-long Range: With a range of up to 65km per charge, the N65 can charge up to once a week for customers traveling short distances of up to 10km.

10 Inch Big Tires: The N65 is equipped with 10 inch off-road pneumatic tires to provide drivers with an extremely comfortable and smooth driving experience.

Rated Power 500W Brushless Motor: Improves climbing performance up to 25%, and supports three different speed levels (1st level up to 15km/h, 2nd level up to 20km/h, 3rd level up to 25km/h).

DOUBLE ROTATION FOLDING SYSTEM: With the innovative design of folding neck and handle, N65 makes pre-assembly and folding more convenient.

Main features:

  • Extremely long distance up to 65 km

  • Innovative design of the double rotation folding system

  • 25% excellent climbing ability

  • 10 inch off-road pneumatic tires

  • Rated power 500 watt brushless motor

  • The maximum loading weight is 120 kg

  • 17 cm wide magnesium alloy surface

  • Front E-ABS brake with rear disc brake

  • A separate large HMI

  • Three speed levels

  • Support cruise control and power recovery with APP

  • Super bright headlight

The salient features of the N40 are as follows

The N40 is equipped with high-capacity batteries that provide an impressive range of nearly 40 kilometers without charging.

10-inch pneumatic tires with advanced shock absorption make your ride smoother and more stable even on bumpy terrain or rough surfaces.

With a 350 watt brushless motor, the N40’s output can help you overcome gradients up to 20% and supports three different speed levels. The maximum speed of the N40 can reach 25 km/h.

A smart battery management system ensures battery safety and notifies you of any battery alerts when necessary. The carefully tuned dual braking system takes advantage of disc braking and electric braking.

With the quick folding system, the N40 can be easily folded in 3 seconds for storage in the trunk.

  • Long distance up to 40 km

  • 20% excellent climbing ability

  • 10 inch pneumatic tires

  • Rated power 350 watt brushless motor

  • The maximum loading weight is 100 kg

  • 15 cm wide floor

  • Front E-ABS brake with rear disc brake

  • Three speed levels

  • Support cruise control and energy recovery

  • Super bright headlight

At the end of September, the NAVEE S65/65/N40 e-scooters will be available at MediaMarkt España.


Founded in 2020, NAVEE TECH is an innovative company specializing in R&D, production and distribution of e-scooters and e-bikes. NAVEE is committed to providing the latest innovations and technologies to global customers and making micromobility smarter, more fun and more convenient.

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