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Hello, people, and hundreds of I.I. May your day be full of joy. If you can’t feel happy today, be kind to yourself. Maybe tomorrow is a happy day. That goes for both humans and AIs, think about it. – Christine And came

TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • Hope you have a good meta dayThat’s right, we had a team at today’s MetaConnection developer conference to watch the ups and downs, we’re sure Mark Zuckerberg is enthusiastically talking about how Metaverse is the “real kid” and the next big bet. See the Big Tech Inc section for more.
  • Help us help you.HR technology has gained a lot of functionality in recent years as companies move into remote mode. Factorial is one of the companies reaping the benefits. Ingrid According to reports, the company has doubled down on $120 million in new funding to build an enterprise-quality workforce for small businesses.
  • And in this corner…: NocoDB is throwing its hat into the ring as a worthy competitor to Airtable, offering an open-source, no-code platform for connecting to production databases. Paul It has more.

Startups and VCs

NextView Ventures has announced that it has raised its largest venture fund to date of $200 million between a pre-stage vehicle with $135 million and an opportunistic vehicle with $65 million. Natasha M Reports. The fund brings on board Stephanie Palmeri, founding partner of All Raise and former partner at Uncork, as an equal partner.

Indian startups raised $3 billion in the quarter ended in September, down 57% from the previous quarter and 80% year-over-year. The figures are impressive for several reasons: Manish Reports. What is clear is that most top-tier funds in India have found it difficult to raise capital for startups this year, when they have raised record amounts.

And we have a handful of other stories. I know I usually only do five, but our little writer-bees have been especially busy in the last 24 hours, so here are five and a few bonuses.

  • Very good thinkingBlue-chip VC firm Matrix Partners has long been an investor in software infrastructure. Connie Reports, has some questions about web3. She describes many projects as “wishful thinking.”
  • Happier, more productive: Ron Quantori reports that it is building an application development platform focused on life sciences.
  • Money smart, gamifiedThis company wants to improve your credit by checking financial literacy, reports Christine.
  • On the sunny road (yeah)Devin reports that Solstial will deploy solar panels in space for one-tenth the cost and $10 million in seed funding.
  • More data, more moneyReports indicate that the Nigerian intelligence and intelligence agency Steers has collected $3.3 million take up.
  • Look, you can’t do this.: came Facepalm is pretty heavy on the OG app, considering what the startup’s endgame is.
  • Last chance salon: Do you want to come to a riot? Well, Lauren S wants to remind you that it’s your last week to save your passes to TechCrunch Disrupt.

How to go from popular to profitable during a recession

Image Credits: Patrick’s garden (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Product-Driven Development Startups Just like a car with a manual transmission that needs a push to go, one driver can’t do everything alone.

According to Nick Mills, whose sales experience includes positions at Stripe, Facebook and CircleCI, “All companies eventually face the same challenge: they need to hire sales teams and build a pipeline to keep growing.

Mills demonstrates how to define production-qualified leads that have sales engines firing on all cylinders.

“It’s not enough to tell investors about your viral user growth,” says Mills. “They want to know how that translates into revenue, resilience and runway.”

Three more from the TC+ team:

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Big Tech Inc.

We hope you’re enjoying Meta and Google Day by now, but if not, we think the following stories will get you in the mood. Here are just a few of the gems you’ll find in our Event Center:

Not to be outdone, Google has announced more news that the team is here too:

For those ready for some company news, we’re here to provide:

  • And just like that…General Motors has entered the energy business Kirsten He wrote. The automaker’s new business unit is offering a line of power products aimed at residential, commercial and charging applications.
  • Why take a taxi when you can take a helicopter?: Joby Aviation, an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft startup (ww!), is partnering with Delta Air Lines to offer airline customers door-to-air transportation from New York and Los Angeles. Rebecca It has more.
  • I’m in the mood to buyThomas Bravo continues to be in a buying mood this year and Ron He kept up all the action. This time, Thomas Bravo acquired a third identity company this year with the $2.3 billion ForgeRock deal.

Nice to meet you – you now have Google Date.

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