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Too many subscriptions? Many of us feel this way, and so do companies: reducing, cutting unnecessary costs is more important than ever. Is this why SaaS management solutions are so ubiquitous? Let’s investigate. – Anna

Fighting the proliferation of SaaS

“SaaS sprawl is a natural consequence of the SaaS revolution,” TechCrunch contributors Mark Settle and Tomer Y. Avini wrote in a guest column last November. Paying for and managing countless SaaS subscriptions may be natural, but still a headache for companies, which explains why solutions that help manage this pain point are popular with investors.

Just this week, British SaaS management company Cledara announced a $20 million Series A round of funding, TechCrunch’s Paul Sauers reports. This follows earlier seed and seed rounds, bringing the startup’s total funding to date to $24 million.

As strange as it may sound to write this, $20 million is not a ton of money in our little alien world. But Kledara’s streak ended with a round one fall. And it’s the SaaS management category in general that VCs are playing in: several of Cledara’s competitors have raised significant amounts of venture capital in the past couple of years.

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