Opinion: Why Gen Z actually consumes fast fashion

by Ayisat Bisiriyu

This story was originally published at New York University Washington Square News.

Fast fashion and its contribution to environmental waste has been a popular topic in the news for years now. Companies such as Zara and H&M were called out for harmful global effects and unethical labor practices. As fast fashion grows in popularity, Gen Z has been accused of buying into a trend attributed to social media.

For many who are part of Gen Z, the quickest and easiest way to boost their confidence and feel comfortable in new social settings is to dress according to what’s on trend. With social media trend cycles moving at a much faster pace than decades ago, young people are finding it harder to keep up with what their peers deem acceptable clothing, even more so with the virtual panopticon that create social media. The pressure to always look put together seems to prevail over Gen Z more than in past generations.

It’s no wonder that many fast fashion companies capitalize on this anxiety. Slogans like “weird girl” or “y2k” encourage people to achieve a certain look. For those looking to replicate the styles they see on social media or around school campuses, fast fashion seems like an easy solution to finding cheap versions of these desired styles.

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