PF Chang looks like Netflix in the new subscription business game

Nowadays, restaurant chains seem like Netflix…

PF Chang’s, the US-based Chinese food chain, announced Wednesday that it is changing its customer loyalty program and increasing its subscription-based tier. For $6.99 a month, “Platinum” members get unlimited free delivery through the restaurant’s app or website, and access to a special “concierge” for members with questions and comments.

The new subscription program doesn’t replace the free seven-year “Gold” member loyalty program, but it’s a higher level of benefits and benefits.

Similar to streaming services like Hulu or Amazon Prime, the subscription model offers the restaurant a steady stream of revenue for a fixed monthly fee. The company hopes to tempt repeat delivery customers and keep them ordering from PF Chang’s.

Damola Adamolekun, CEO of PF Chang said: “We saw a change in guest behavior when Covid-19 hit, and as we emerged from the peak of the pandemic, we were looking for ways to strengthen our relationship with guests. Chance. “Platinum has unique benefits, offers great value, and gives us a more personal connection with our most engaged guests.”

The restaurant currently has 5 million customers in its loyalty program, all of whom will be directly enrolled as Gold Rewards members, PF Chang CEO Damola Adamolekun said in a statement. Chance.

PF Chang is not alone in promoting subscriptions to its customer reward systems. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many food chains, including Pret A Manger and Taco Bell, bring in more customers.

A favorite of many salad lovers, Sweet Greens launched a subscription plan in January that costs $10 and offers up to 30% off every purchase. Panera announced the “Unlimited Sip Club” in April – for $10.99 a month, customers can get unlimited hot and cold drinks at any self-serve station.

In addition to subscription programs, other chains have revamped their loyalty programs over the past few years to encourage repeat customers.

In March, International House of Pancakes, also known as IHOP, announced a “pancake bank” where customers can earn a “PanCoin” for every $5 they spend. Finally, the points can be applied to future pancake purchases.

And last month, Subway debuted its Footlong Pass, which allows members of the rewards program to get 50% off the chain’s popular Footlong sandwich for $15 in September. The company offered the pass to 10,000 members and it sold out within 6 hours.

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