Red Carpet Fashion: The Fall from the 2022 Venice Film Festival

The 79th Venice International Film Festival has ended and while it is cinematic ringtone for the rest of the year (and into next year’s awards season), the stars were out in full force this year, especially compared to the two pandemic years during which glitz and glamor weren’t a priority.

It’s time to look back at this year’s looks – the red carpet dresses and suits.

Ana De Armas

The star of the Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde appeared at the premiere wearing a pink pleated Louis Vuitton dress and she looked phenomenal. It wasn’t over the top, but she managed to pull off a look that’s both flattering and iconic.

Verdict: Norma Jeane would approve.

Timothée Chalamet

This is the look everyone was talking about this year. it broke the internet and it proved quite divisive, but we here at Euronews Culture give it two thumbs up. Like Harry Styles, Chalamet has embraced gender-fluid style and his backless red suit (with sparkly scarf) by Haider Ackerman in Bones and all the premiere brought an ungodly mix of mr. Tumnus sex and crazy aunt at a wedding.

Verdict: Never change, Timmy.

Harry Styles

When he really isn’t spouting nonsense during press conferences or allegedly spitting on his Don’t worry dear co-star Harry Styles can rock Gucci like nobody’s business. The beige double-breasted suit, turtleneck and flared pants worked, but we’re not sure how we feel about the oversized origami collar he wore with his navy blue jacket on the red carpet. These 70s OTT sharp edges would have anyone’s attention.

Verdict: Mixed.

Jodie Turner Smith

The Golden Lion for Best Dressed Actress goes to Jodie Turner Smith, for all her Lido outfits this year. Her custom Harbison dress at the show Whale was a special moment, as was her opening ceremony dress with green gloves and a colorful Christopher John Rogers dress in Bardon premiere.

Verdict: Give her all the awards and let’s get it over with.

Florence Pugh

A close second to that fictional award that Jodie Turner Smith just won would be Florence Pugh for her yarns in Don’t worry dear premiere. This Valentino number was stunning: the incredible cut, gorgeous embroidery and feathery shoes worked wonders.

Verdict: Go Miss Flo.

Chris Pine

Most Stylish Actor at the Lido this year goes to Chris Pine. Again, beyond all Don’t worry dear “scandal” (primary and unspoken is the lack of a comma after ‘concern’ in the title), his perfectly tailored Ralph Lauren ensembles gave off 1960s vibes and his use of chocolate brown was a red carpet highlight. The only embarrassing note: brown loafers without socks are a sure sign of sneaky, dirty trickery.

Verdict: Winner, but can someone check if Pine has a Bond villain lair somewhere?

Chase Stokes

No. Georgio Armani or not, no. Not the baggy pants on the red carpet, not whatever is going on with the lining of that white jacket. No. Sorry Mr. Stokes, come back next year.

Verdict: Fail.

Tessa Thompson

Every single appearance of Tessa Thompson on the red carpet this year at the Lido was glamorous. Special mention to the effort required for this green number – it must be a nightmare to sit through, and how in God’s toast one manages to look effortlessly righteous in those heals is beyond all comprehension.

Verdict: Mind blowing.

Brendan Fraser

Less is often more, and Brendan Fraser celebrated his return to the big screen this year Whale wearing a discreet, elegant and well-fitting suit and it worked wonders. Welcome, Mr. Fraser – we missed you.

Verdict: Well done.

Brad Pitt

Speaking of nice suits, what’s up with the shirt that’s a few sizes too big here? Brad Pitt may have come to the Lido to support Blonde team for the premiere, but we’ve come to expect better from you, signore.

Verdict: Pit(s).

Luca Guadagnino

The director of Call me by your name, sigh and this year Bones and all arrived in Venice wearing a custom shirt with an inverted Bernardo Bertolucci stamp. The rest of his Loewe outfits this year left a lot to be desired, but for this shirt alone, well done Luca!

Verdict: Call me YOUR The name.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett made her debut at the 79th edition in a black velvet Schiaparelli couture jumpsuit with a bouquet neckline. So let’s recap: Blanchett can’t act just about anyone; her performance in Tar is already generating Oscar buzz; AND she can shine much brighter than anyone before the pope too?

Verdict: Some people should leave some raw talent for others. At this point it’s just greed.

Tilda Swinton

Known for her quirky outfits, Tilda Swinton kept it relatively low key this year for the premiere of the eagerly awaited. The Eternal Girl. Compared to previous red carpet appearances, this shimmering lilac number by Haider Ackerman (him again – the bow is wrapped) was classy but hardly show-stopping.

Verdict: Strong, but the new lemon hair color steals the show.

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