Research shows that the health tech industry is primed for a pendulum swing from consumer-facing technologies to supportive solutions.

San Francisco–(Business WireA new study released by global marketing and communications agency Allison + Partners examines the impact of the pandemic on digital health investment and technology adoption by health tech brands. The study identified barriers and opportunities for marketing and communications professionals charged with telling their stories across the healthcare ecosystem.

After a meta-analysis of existing trend reports, interviews with health technology founders and private equity firms, and a survey of 500 senior and C-suite health executives about the seismic shifts that are creating across the sector, Allison+ partner health practice summarizes the health. The technology industry is poised for a pendulum swing from B2C to B2B solutions.

“The past few years have highlighted the tremendous potential of technology to improve how we engage with and deliver healthcare. At the same time, accelerated innovation in consumer-facing areas such as telehealth has highlighted the critical role back-end technologies play in delivering a seamless patient experience, and brands focused on modernizing the healthcare infrastructure have created an even greater opportunity,” said Jamie Rismiller. , Executive Vice President, Allison + Partners Health. “Our work is driven by a desire to deeply understand the businesses we serve and the environments they operate in. Understanding these industry changes and how they impact our communications and storytelling efforts is critical to creating compelling and sustainable brand narratives. Resonate.”

The main findings of the study include:

  • Trust in the healthcare experience has increased over the past two years due to accelerated technology adoption.

  • Health technology leaders need to recognize the key barriers to achieving Health 4.0 – the future of technology that is best suited to our currently fragmented healthcare system – and how to address them.

  • The opportunities outweigh the challenges; Infrastructure-focused solutions can help you reach the next level of digital health faster.

  • Back-end technologies are the next potential frontier for investors and health tech founders—which means the B2B sector will be busier than ever.

These findings suggest that as we enter this new post-pandemic phase, health technologists must clearly communicate how their company’s technology can accelerate progress in the industry. The Allison+Partners Health practice has launched a new offering to help brands tell their stories and communicate real-world value. Storylab brings together experts from across the agency to help clients craft their narratives across multiple verticals and channels in a way that creates relevance and engages key audiences.

“Our research shows that health technology leaders are doubling down on cross-channel storytelling,” said Sara Natoli, vice president of health strategy and head of Storylab. “We’re excited to offer our clients a hand-picked team of experts from a wide range of experiences to create relevant editorial calendars that cross paid, owned and earned channels. Our Storylab team includes writers, editors, videographers, academics, multicultural marketers, healthcare wonks, tech geeks, data nerds.” , includes trend seekers and pop culture addicts.

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Allison+Partners reviewed reports focused on health technology forecasting, including those published by thought leaders Rock Health, Fast Company, Silicon Valley Bank and Andreessen Horowitz. The team conducted extensive stakeholder interviews with venture capitalists, founders and C-suite executives in the health tech space to inform a large quantitative survey of 500 US senior executives at both B2B and consumer healthcare and health technology companies. Revenue of $10 million or more by 2021. Respondent roles include manager level and above, more than 20% vice president, senior vice president or executive vice president and 20% in the C-suite. The survey was conducted using the Qualtrics Insight Platform and the panel was sourced from Rep Data. Fielding took place in April and May 2022.

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