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The world needs it A company willing to force governments to take action on climate change.

Until now, climate technology has been a modest corner of the startup world. All rejoice and thank you, triple the bottom line and shared upside, a sign of much virtue and virtue.

That’s great and all. Saving the world from impending doom is a noble mission statement, which probably drives companies into business. And of course the world could use more kindness, not less.

But here’s the thing: the world is currently moving very slowly, with a 2.7C rise in temperatures by 2100, far short of the 1.5C target set by the Paris Agreement. No time for niceties anymore. We need a climate technology startup that will throw its weight behind and force evolution on sclerotic governments and companies.

In the short world, the climate tech startup is like the Uber of the early days, an unquestioned company struggling to dominate an entrenched, slow-moving industry, with deep pockets and an eye for the long game. If successful, everyone will want to sign up as a customer. The rewards for the startup and its investors can be handsome.

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