Ronda Rousey Controversially Loses at WWE Summerslam 2022

“Worst Women on the Planet” doesn’t get the job done.

Wrestling fans had thought it was a foregone conclusion that Ronda Rousey would regain the SmackDown Women’s title against Liv Morgan at WWE Summerslam on Saturday, after losing to Morgan at Money in the Bank earlier in July.

But Morgan surprised everyone by defeating Rousey for the second time in four weeks to remain champion. However, the conclusion did not come without controversy.

Rousey controlled the entire match, working for the armbar with Morgan finding a way to escape. Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion locked in a triangle armbar. The referee was looking over Rousey’s shoulders and counted to three. What he didn’t see was Morgan intercepted before the count of three.

Rousey got upset and put the tape on Morgan once again. Then, after WWE officials pulled it off, Rousey gave the referee a strip for good measure.

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