Rue Agthonis unveils RTW Spring Summer 2023 collection at London Fashion Week

Following the brand’s successful runway debut at London Fashion Week in February 2022, Rue Agthonis returns with the SS23 RTW collection featuring shimmering lace, iridescent organza, metallic sequins and her signature tweed.

Showing in the Corinthia Palace Hall at the Corinthia Hotel, Rue Agthonis’ SS23 collection celebrates feminine elegance, strength and innocence, emphasizing the harmony between the three qualities that are often seen as mutually exclusive. Radiating youthful excitement and a high appreciation for feminine powers, the collection in a variety of jewel tones and neutral shades are perfectly reflected against the backdrop of the rich architecture and soft color palette of the Ballroom.

“Beauty always lies in its originality.” Says Syl, designer and founder of Rue Agthonis, referring to what her brand stands for. Often drawing inspiration from a multitude of art forms, including theatre, film and paintings, inspiration for Syl’s latest pieces comes from Gustav Klimt, whose influences are delightfully woven and evident throughout the SS23 collection .

Unveiling a joyful yet demure new season, the SS23 collection sees the marriage of contrasting fabrics (think tweed and sheer organza, or heavily embellished silk lace) and unique designs that embody the notion of sophistication and youth. Known for his classic fabrics and silhouettes, the addition of metallic veils, feathers and thread details help to create a contemporary yet playful vibe that is further elevated from Rue Agthonis’ previous collections.

The SS23 look continues to represent the brand’s ethos of “Love, Quality and Positive Beauty”. Forever encouraging self-esteem through her designs, Syl wants to remind everyone with the new collection to be their most optimistic selves – “making sure we always look for the sparkles life has to offer and keep in hand our innocence as children and creativity even as we grow up.”

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