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Sarah Guo She’s not late to the AI ​​party, but she has raised a $101 million fund to bet on the eateries.

Hello and welcome back to Equity, the startup business podcast, where we unpack the numbers and nuances behind the headlines. This is our Wednesday show It will be where we get down to the individual, think about the work, and sort out the rest. this week, Natasha And Alex Guo, who has worked at Greylock for ten years, begins her conviction.

We talked about the DIY venture market, what made her leave Greylock, and even her last episode with us (which was recorded three years ago, to be exact).

It was also a particularly fruitful discussion about the current opportunity in artificial intelligence and how she is defining Software 3.0. (Warning: We’re talking about SaaS!) Why did she start the fund, the LP? We get to know the market and more. The conversation went on a bit, but given the wide scope we wanted to cover it made sense to continue.

Don’t forget that Equity will be live on Disrupt next week on Tuesday morning. It will be a blast. And before we go, a couple of programming notes (they’ll help your wallet, too):

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