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Virtue Technologies Inc., a Chapin-based technology startup, recently acquired SC Launch Inc., an investment partner of SC Research Authority. He received a $250,000 investment.

Good Technologies is a provider of cloud-based, mobile-friendly software solutions focused on solving the logistics challenges of the durable medical device and pharmaceutical industries, according to a news release.

The company’s goal is to help reduce costs and improve the revenue cycle by improving staff efficiency, eliminating waste, increasing patient satisfaction and increasing visibility into service provider operations, company officials said.

“In an environment of shrinking reimbursements, growing audit concerns and ongoing data demands, our technology streamlines and eliminates inconsistencies in provider operations and patient experience,” said Gibran Ame, CEO of Virtue Technologies.

Good Technologies recently presented its programs at the National Health-System Pharmacists Clinical Meeting and Exposition in Las Vegas.

“Growing companies that use technology to streamline tedious processes is one of our primary goals,” said SCRA Executive Director Bob Quinn. “When technology can simultaneously improve patient care, it’s an even more worthwhile endeavor. We are proud to support Good Technologies and look forward to their continued growth.

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