Exploring the Booming Demand for Senior Living Homes with Ashiana Vatsalya in Chennai


Ashiana Vatsalya- The need for senior living homes in India is rising, and it depicts the enhancement in the perception towards the elderly and their care in the global society. With the rising life expectancy and ageing population, there is a growing demand for accommodation for the elderly, who require a different type of housing. Many multi-story quality senior lone facilities have been developed in Chennai, which today stands as a symbol of the cultural heritage of the new generation and modern facilities. Of all these, Ashiana Vatsalya by Ashiana Housing can be said to be the shining star.


Increasing Demand for Senior Living Homes in India

Senior living homes have been realized to be in demand in India for the following reasons. Thus, in contemporary society, most elderly people stay alone due to the changing culture where the joint family system is no longer as common as it used to be; this puts the elders in a vulnerable position, hence the need for their living environment to be safe. The need for health care services, especially as more people and populations worldwide are surviving longer while living with chronic diseases & conditions, fuels this because such facilities offer Primary Medical Care and Professional Touch. Also, safety and security play a vital role when senior living apartments provide a contemporary security system and have staff available round the clock; hence, senior citizens do not suffer from mishaps such as falls or heart attacks. Another crucial problem, which affects many elderly persons, is social isolation. Senior living communities manage to reduce this by creating active social lives within the facility through proper social activities or events.


CBRE, in their report observed that the total estimated target for senior living facilities for 2024 was in the region of one million and is expected to rise to 2.5 million will be the end result in the next full ten years to indicate the increasing demand for such services. Thus, despite the rising requirements, the penetration of senior living in India stands at below 1% as compared to more developed nations such as the UK with 11% and the US with 6%. The continuously rising trends towards independence, human dignity, and active social life among senior citizens create an even bigger market demand for such structural arrangements in India.

Source: The Times Of India

Ashiana Vatsalya: Best Senior Living Homes in Chennai with the Premium Facilities and Amenities

Chennai has become one of the favourite destinations for senior living projects, benefiting from a good climate, healthcare services, and a socially active life. A majority of senior living projects in India pertain to southern urban cities, with Chennai forming a significant part of this market, aside from Coimbatore and Bengaluru.


Chennai’s senior living homes for senior citizens provide large numbers of services aimed at improving residents’ quality of life. These facilities have been identified to include gyms, swimming pools, clubhouses, golf courses, spas, and physiotherapy centres. Furthermore, they offer basic facilities like on-call doctors and even ambulance facilities so that the residents can be clinically attended to at any one particular time when they develop complications. This is because each element of the senior living concept in Chennai addresses the residents’ need for recreational and wellness facilities and safety and care.


Why is Ashiana Vatsalya the Best Senior Citizen Home in Chennai?


Ashiana Vatsalya by Ashiana Housing is easily identifiable as Chennai’s best senior citizen home. However, what makes Ashiana Vatsalya stand out uniquely is the organization’s mission to help seniors live their best life as they desire – with respect, comfort, and so on, without having to depend on others. Here’s why it is considered the best:


  • Comprehensive Amenities: Ashiana Vatsalya ensures all-round amenities that build a structure that can support the health of its inhabitants in physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. Family homes have quality fitness centers, calm relaxation areas, and active communities. Considering spas and physiotherapy centers makes it possible for residents to get treated or attend sessions to boost their health.
  • Healthcare Services: In case of an emergency, Ashiana Vatsalya has on-call doctors and ambulance facilities for residents with health complications. This direct connectivity to healthcare personnel comforts the residents and their families.
  • Community Living: Ashiana Vatsalya’s structure and layout foster the best community vibe. Hobby clubs, cultural activities, and social functions preserve the residents’ social activity, which is fundamental to their psychological well-being.
  • Security and Support: Currently, the facility has installed relevant security features to protect the community members. The school’s staff is very friendly to the students and ensures that they offer all the probable help required in the daily routine to enhance a stress-free and friendly environment.
  • Senior-Friendly Infrastructure: The facilities available in Ashiana Vatsalya have been put in place to provide for the elderly, hence the appropriate name for the home. Social requirements such as a floor finished with anti-slip materials, handrails, a ramp for wheelchair-bound residents, and an emergency call button, among others, contribute to the resident’s quality of life.
  • Multiple Activities & Engagements: People can play different roles and functions, such as going for fitness or aerobics, painting, drawing, and so on. These activities help the residents achieve their full potential by either making them engage more in physical activities or challenging their brains.
  • Open Garden & Activity Area: Pedestrians are welcomed by abundant green space, as well as open gardens and activity spaces, which also make for a fairly quiet and used area. The availability of such places helps one practice morning walks, yoga sessions, or just enjoy the beauty of nature; physical health is an essential component of human life.


How Do Elders Benefit from Ashiana Housing Senior Living Homes?

Elders residing in Ashiana Housing Senior Living Homes experience a myriad of benefits that enhance their overall quality of life:


  1. Enhanced Quality of Life: Features such as different recreational and wellness facilities guarantee that elderly people can lead very fulfilling lives.
  2. Social Engagement: This type of living aims to encourage interaction with others by neighbours, and as a result, social isolation can easily be discouraged. Social activities assist in establishing new friends and also in maintaining an active mind.


  1. Safety and Security: Thanks to round-the-clock security guards and healthcare employees, the residents and their families can be calm and confident.
  2. Independence with Support: The population lives fairly autonomously, as they have access to help if it is required. This allows them to retain their pride and integrity and feel good about themselves.
  3. Active Living: Ashiana Vatsalya engages the elderly in various activities and exercise regimens to enhance their health. Physical activities are also important to seniors since they enhance their physical health, energy level, and brain performance.


In Chennai, Ashiana Vatsalya is at the forefront of changing how senior living is considered and experienced and makes it possible for the elders to live a wonderful life in their post working years.



Senior living homes in India, especially in Chennai, are a demanding product that is growing at a remarkable rate. Companies like Ashiana Housing have exercised this social change well and started a new facility named Ashiana Vatsalya. Having all-around facilities and excellent health care services, a strong community and a secure atmosphere, Ashiana Vatsalya provides a distinctive for senior citizens with honor, comfort and happiness in their valuable age. Thus, when more senior living facilities are expected in the next ten years, it is about the right time for the elderly to consider changing and opting for a home like Ashiana Vatsalya, where topmost importance is given to quality of life. Whether it’s about our own or a family member’s care, deciding on Ashiana Vatsalya is a bright future filled with joy, good health, and success.



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