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The SEC jumped in this week, charging 11 people connected to Forsage, which the government watchdog said was running a pyramid scheme. I’m not one to embrace drama, but I can’t wait for some of these stories to be shown as a Netflix documentary. This particular case seems like a bit of a dumpster fire. – came

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“It was life-changing: I walked into my local store, went to the garden, looked at the selection and picked one. I went to the register and paid and then drove home. I was beaming for days. “It was the best big box experience of my life,” Koops said Ron About the purchase of a $5 spray nozzle, it shows that it is in order to Beyond customer experience surveys.

customer experience, Kyle Sprig, which provides tools for consumer and software product research, reported today that it has raised $30 million. It brought the company’s total revenue to $90 million.

What does beautiful art mean to artists at the click of a button? came In the article he included amazing 30+ AI-rendered Batman pictures. If you’ve never seen Batman as Cookie Monster, you’re missing out.

According to Annie Khadavi, managing director of Redpoint, there will be fewer total startups next year than in the past two years. And, somewhat paradoxically, the investor thinks the looming slowdown is a “big deal.” Red Point has raised another $650 million to invest in “the riskiest tech startups.” Natasha M Reports.

More Startup Universe:

  • Put me on your cell phone.: Aisha Locket, the popular app for sharing photos directly to the home screens of your family and friends, has reported that it has raised $12.5 million in funding.
  • How come Louis Vuitton is only $40?: Clothing, accessories and luxury goods are the most popular products for counterfeiting, but that’s not where the problem starts and ends. MarqVision has raised $20 million for fake merchants Kate And Ingrid.
  • What’s up, (hot) dog? Over the past decade and a half, Distribution has become a well-known name in Japan’s vertical framing ecosystem. Now, after raising $30 million, we’re looking at strawberries and alternative meats. Brian Reports.
  • It will show you the door of the cart: Jagmet Autonomy, a startup that uses autonomous robots to solve delivery problems, has announced that it has raised $3.3 million to expand its market and deploy robots to existing customers.

Acquisition is a legitimate strategy to build your business.

A concept that fits perfectly with the wooden block puzzle;  Getting a startup build

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The difference between selling a startup or going public is an order of magnitude. Your company is ten times more likely to get it than your CEO ringing the opening bell at the NYSE.

But startup culture encourages participants to believe they’re on the road to an IPO, regardless of their industry, says Yair Snir, vice president and managing director of Dell Technologies Capital.

“In my experience, many founders are more influential. My advice to such founders is to always consider acquisition as an option,” he says. “It may not be obvious at first, but acquisition can be your best path to scale.”

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Big Tech Inc.

The $300 Link is a 4K webcam with a half-inch sensor. The system uses AI to automatically adjust the pose and center the user in the frame. Think of it as Apple’s center-stage software, combined with hardware. Brian He took a closer look at Insta360’s gimbal-mounted 4K webcam.

A few more bits of Big Tech Wisdom:

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