Simply Business partners with SolePro to provide unique non-proprietary workers’ compensation benefits to small business customers

Boston, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Simply Business, LLC., a BostonA digital insurance company focused on small businesses today announced the launch of a new workers’ compensation product in partnership with SolePro, a workers’ compensation program manager. The Solo X product is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of businesses that have no employees and do not use day laborers or subcontractors.

The Solo X product is an “Owner Excluded” workers’ compensation policy, which is combined with an accident policy to provide certain financial benefits in the event of an injury.

“We are committed to providing small business owners with the best solutions for their individual needs,” he said David Summers, CEO of Simply Business Group. “This partnership with SolePro allows us to offer customized workers’ compensation options to a highly underserved market segment.”

“The Solo X product gives small businesses the insurance certification they need without leaving any security gaps,” he said. Steve LoveFounder of SolePro. “We are proud to partner with Simply Business to offer our small business customers a workers’ compensation solution designed to be simple and effective – an attractive option with a designated risk plan.”

SolePro specializes in online workers compensation programs and is staffed by a team of underwriters, account managers and troubleshooters.

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About business simply
Easy business It’s changing the way small business owners get business insurance by offering tailored insurance coverage to customers online. The company started in united kingdom and extended to America In 2017, naming Boston at home. With more than 850,000 customers worldwide, Simply Business has become a space leader with a commitment to a customer-first model focused on simplicity, choice and value.

SolePro is an innovator when it comes to customized staff compact products, specifically focusing on the small business segment. Businesses with no employees, as well as startups, can have trouble finding workers’ compensation opportunities. SolePro has created that solution. In the year Founded in 2013, SolePro is committed to streamlining workers’ compensation.

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