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TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • Automation nationJacob Banks knows what time it is. Paul In the year After selling its last startup to Google in 2015, the bank is back with Relay.
  • “Bring Your Ideas to Life”Microsoft’s Ignite conference was today (get the nitty-gritty inside Big Tech Inc.) and Kyle Microsoft has been following DALL-E with everything, including investing in an AI-powered system for the new designer and image creator tools.
  • Cuts run deep: Manish In its latest reports for Indian edtech giant Baijus, it said today that it will dispose of another large job, this time 2,500, writing that the move is part of its efforts to “clear its debt and other balances in the coming months”.

Startups and VCs

In the year In 2019, Microsoft launched Dapper, an open source project aimed at making it easier for developers to build microservices on top of Kubernetes. Diagrid has raised $24 million to launch a fully managed DAP service. Frederick Reports.

DataGrail has always been focused on helping companies comply with evolving privacy regulations. Today, it’s building on that with a new automated risk monitoring solution that helps companies quickly build third-party application risk assessments. While they were there, the startup announced a $45 million Series C investment. Ron Reports.

And here are a few more for your enjoyment and pleasure:

Dear Sophie: How can I keep my H-1B and green card if I am fired?

Image Credits: Bryce Durbin / TechCrunch

In our Dear Sophie column, our friendly immigration attorney answers the Leap of Faith question:

“I’m thinking of leaving my current, steady job for a big name in tech. I’m excited, but scared. I’m hearing you can lose your H-1B status if you get fired. Is there any way I can keep my immigration status while I’m doing a bold job?”

Three more from the TC+ team, sprinkling poetry for good luck:

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Big Tech Inc.

See when it happened TaylorVirtual Torso moved to Meta Connect 2022, announcing Meta Legs (as Lucas reported) and Amanda It shows you what you might have missed.

Meanwhile, as we mentioned above, Microsoft held the Ignite conference today; Brian, Frederick And Kyle He found much to write about. For example, hybrid workflow setup, more Apple integrations, avatars for teams, new power automation features, invitation-only access to DALL-E 2 for select Azure OpenAI Service customers, automated document and data processing services, Microsoft Edge updates, new cloud security services and Microsoft A collection of laptops and desktop computers.

In other news:

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