Sound Bites: Post-Exercise Media Attendance (West Virginia)

Two tech coaches, players will speak to the media on Tuesday

9/20/2022 7:34:00 PM

blacksburg – Following Tuesday’s practice before West Virginia, Virginia Tech football met with the media for press. Read below what the head coach Brent Prthe offensive coordinator/tight ends coach Tyler BowenQuarterback Grant Wells and defensive back Dorian strong He had to say.

Head coach Brent Pr

The challenges West Virginia’s defensive line and team will present:
“They’re quick, they’re quick defensively, they’re quick, they have good team speed, they run to the ball. That’s a sign of a good defense for me.”

How challenging it will be for Tech’s secondary against West Virginia’s high-powered offense:
“To me, this was a good test for us. I think there are some similarities in size compared to their two guys. Caleb [Smith]. Maybe not only a burner, but he has good ball skills, can get open and has great length. But this is certainly a challenge. They got three good (recipients). Everyone is talking about Zero (Bryce Ford-Wheaton). [Kaden] Prather, but I think slot number 13 (Sam James) is a good player. He’s fast.”

Offensive coordinator/tight ends coach Tyler Bowen

Here’s how the offense grades through the first three weeks of the season:

“I think we’re a work in progress. We’re a work in progress. I’m not going to give him a letter grade right now. We’re not where we’re at. We’re not where we’re going to be. We’re a work in progress. We’re evolving every day. How the guys are going to go out and practice and what to do this week going into Thursday night. I really appreciate it if we could.

On what he wants to see more of in the running game:
“I don’t think they’ve seen what we do in the run game up to this point. That team works extremely hard. They do a really good job, especially if you talk about the offensive line. But in the run game, it takes a team effort, that RPO[run pass option]tag, that at receiver. “If we’re going to have a block structure or if that’s our movement, and I think you’re going to see that progress.”

Quarterback Grant Wells

At what age he started growing up as a West Virginia fan and what the rivalry means to him:
“I’ll say it early. I mean, there aren’t many Marshall fans outside of Huntington. So if you’re not a Marshall fan, you’re a West Virginia fan. But playing in this rivalry means a lot. Outside of me, this is a long rivalry in itself. On a personal note, I’ve been looking forward to this game for a while. I’ve been waiting for it. I’m so excited.

How much better does the offense have to be to win Thursday?
“I think if we just do our job and play like we practiced this week, I think we’ll be fine. I don’t think anybody doubts the offense we did in this building. I think whatever we do. We have the potential and what I saw this week, we’ll be fine.”

Defensive back Dorian strong

Here’s how good West Virginia’s wide receiver group is:
“I think it will be a very good test. We can always go to the test. Those guys are good there, but we are also good here. So, it will be a very good test and a good ball game.”

How the cornerbacks played and how he rated himself.
“I personally feel like we’re the cornerback class, B, because there’s always room to grow. There’s always little things that we see on film. It can always be cleaned up technically. So, watch out. And attack and attack the ball in the air.”

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