Soundtracks: Postgame Press Conference (Boston College)

Tech head coach Brent Pry spoke to the media on Saturday following the game

9/10/2022 11:52:00 PM

blacksburg – Virginia Tech football held a press conference with the media following Saturday night’s game against Boston College. Read below what the head coach Brent Pr He had to say.

Head coach Brent Pr

On defense after the quarterback:
“Yeah, that was a point of emphasis for us this week. We brought some pressure early and created some more 1-on-1 situations up front. Then we tried to mix it up – show pressure, play coverage. The guys got it. On the rim. They did a good job. From the quarter. We know we have to get back later.”

On the defensive end TyJuan Garbutt.:
“I’m very proud of him. He’s battling a minor injury, so his practice time is limited. But he’s a good guy. He’s got instincts and good pass rush skills. We want to build on that from him. Going forward.”

When you win at home:
“It’s great. Being 1-0 (at home) feels good. I’m really happy for our players, staff and fans. You saw it, didn’t you? The students said it was an hour before kick-off. It was the place. It was packed, despite the weather. That’s for the whole program. It was a good win.

With ODU putting the game behind them and only having five penalties:
“We took care of some things that were a thorn in our side last week. We guarded the ball, we attacked the ball. He turned around to start the game and set the tone. I’d still like to have him back. But we’ve got those legs. We have to be a ball team. We have to make people find it and make enough plays to get enough points.

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