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The highly coveted capsule collection is an amalgamation of Soulja Boy’s legacy in the realms of music, culture and fashion that have only elevated the rapper’s esteem over the past two decades. Breaking the mold, the NYC-born label adds its signature streetwear line to this collaboration to continue its explosive growth as the world’s most innovative travel fashion brand.

Determined to create a collection that celebrated the rapper’s legacy, Sprayground founder and chief creative officer David BenDavid (DBD) took Soulja Boy’s personal style and turned it into reimagined, sleek pieces that complement Sprayground’s iconic designs with stud with a modern ode to artists Soulja Boy. form of two backpacks, a limited edition teddy bear backpack that Sprayground has become known for over the past few years, and a jewelry box.

The collection stays true to the brand’s signature aesthetic, featuring a comic book style backpack and a carefully curved graffiti backpack for extra fun, a plush backpack carries a Soulja Boy inspired look that hits the heel to complete the joint brand. , and a one-of-a-kind jewelry box that doesn’t sacrifice access or looks.

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