Startups that caught our eye in 2022

Web Desk in India TodayAn ‘engine of change’ startup is more than just a catalyst for growth. They are their own engine of growth. No sector solves problems with creative thinking, thereby driving society forward – all while creating jobs, stimulating the economy and attracting foreign investment.

Times Applause is sharing stories of Indian startups shaped in their own way. Here’s a list of some of the startups that caught our eye in 2022.

1. Dr. Fazil Mohammed Bin Basheer – A tycoon who is modernizing the aviation skills sector.

Dr. Fazil Mohammed, CEO of IMFIL, is leading the way in creating milestones for various aviation aspirants through National Skill Development Corporation of India, Government’s No. 1 award-winning organization.

Dr. Fazil has explored the possibilities of enhancing the moral values ​​of rural youth by partnering with the Ministry of Rural Development in collaboration with the Government of India to provide 100% free aviation training to the rural youth to expand their vision beyond enhancing their ambitions towards a career in aviation. 3480 placements have been registered in 365 days.

Dr. Fazil has received many awards and honorary doctorate degrees for his contribution to the global aviation workforce, he has also organized the Wonders of Imfil Airlines, Imfil Flying Club and Imfil International School, further overseeing the fields of education and aviation. For details visit the website here.

2. Intelliblock Technologies Pvt Ltd

IntelliBlock Technologies is a smart city solutions and blockchain technology provider with a strong team of professionals capable of building enterprise-grade products and services for emerging technology pioneers, leading companies and industry leaders. Neha Jain is the Founder and CEO of Intelliblock Technologies Pvt Ltd.

They provide some of the best solutions to clients around the world in all trade shows looking to facilitate the Web 3.0 revolution. With strong experience in this field, they have completed 40+ projects in blockchain. They have strong presence in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. They have a global presence including offices in Canada, UK, USA and Qatar and plan to expand in the future.

They have formed strategic alliances with market leaders by establishing partners such as CityLabs, Polygon, nChain, Coinstore, Lighthouse and others to grow manifold. CBDC solutions and other blockchain based solutions in BFSI, Digital Identities, Capital Markets, Supply Chains etc. based on blockchain and web 3.0. Visit the website here.

3. Blue Bella Resorts – A trusted name for luxury camping near Pune and Mumbai

The festive season has started in the country and that time of the year comes when the whole family gets together to spend quality time with each other. While family members can spend quality time together at home, there is the option of engaging in many fun and adventurous activities including the outdoors, movies, live music, games, hikes, etc.

Blue Bella Resorts offers an opportunity to soak in the beauty of nature along with the pleasures of luxury camping. Blue Bella Resorts in Malshi is surrounded by lush green mountains and five waterfalls as the resort sits in the lap of nature and is only 3.5 hours drive from Mumbai and 1 hour from Pune. Blue Bella stands at the top of all the campsites in Maharashtra because of its unique range of Teepee Tents (Indian First) and Swiss Tents that provide a unique and memorable experience to the guest where they simply get a good quality and peaceful time. Chaos. Visit the website here.

4. We chefs

We Chefs are creating the largest technology-driven “food democracy” by introducing a new way to connect food lovers to high-quality, great-tasting, home-cooked food prepared by home-chefs. We Chefs on Demand is a home delivery service of recipes prepared by home-chefs for those who love to cook. They bring flavors from India and beyond your doorstep. In their quest to bring people and cultures to one plate, they have on board over 120 hand-picked in-house chefs, who specialize in a variety of cuisines and prepare each dish with a personal touch and passion. With this, they are providing an automated platform for homemakers and passionate foodies to start their business.

Vishal Sinha founded We Chefs after a successful corporate journey spanning over two decades. A widely traveled man, Sinha had a special relationship with food; At a time when lockdown is a harsh reality, not only in India but across the world, his great entrepreneurial ideas have been showcased in We the Chefs. Visit the website here.

5. Social Donut

Social Donut is an award-winning full-service agency including design, development and marketing. With every project they undertake, they strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

As a result, they produce engaging and content-oriented work for their clients. They also go the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied with their work. It’s exactly what you want in the end, it’s pixel-perfect.

Among their many awards, the Social Donuts team won E4M Best Campaign Award For their creative campaign, as well as many other awards Agency reporter And so on.

For their customers, they consistently produce interactive experiences that are both fresh and engaging. Visit the website here.

6. ZentrumHub – a travel technology startup

The pandemic has caused a major disruption to the travel industry, bringing it to a halt due to the travel ban.

Determined to build a travel platform, the founders took this as an opportunity to meet with industry veterans and travel businesses who stood by and gather feedback from them. They saw a common theme of lack of infrastructure/technology to handle the complexity of business operations and travel with businesses.

That’s when the three used AI and NLP to solve these problems and came up with the idea of ​​ZentrumHub. ZentrumHub was founded with a vision to be the smartest and fastest travel API platform.

Today, after a one-year foundation and travel pre-Covid-19, ZentrumHub has become a pure-play SaaS platform with services including an AI-driven booking engine, white label UI, back office management and more. Real-time data analytics for travel and hospitality clients. Visit the website here.

7. OneDios

OneDios is a first-of-its-kind service request aggregation platform developed by Founder and CEO Nitin Chawla. The app provides a single inquiry portal for customers to book service or file a complaint against multiple brands. Powered by the patented ORBS technology, it is based on the philosophy of standardizing the query registration experience for customers. Customers can access big brands like Daikin, Hitachi, Voltas and more using OneDios.

Typically, customers rely on call centers or brand apps/websites to book service requests. However, these channels are expensive for brands and ineffective for customers. An app download for every brand or product is unrealistic from a customer perspective.

With OneDios, a customer can register a service/complaint for any product in less than 60 seconds and get updates on the order status. Customers can upload their product invoices and warranty cards to the app. These are available automatically when you book the service. The app builds a service calendar and sends service reminders to its customers. Visit the website here.

8. Contact Global

Founded in April 2022, Kontakt Global is a contemporary business and knowledge process outsourcing, education consulting and management consulting firm that addresses the capabilities of every business and individual around the world. After spending almost three decades in the corporate world with companies like Vodafone, UN, SR and PWC, Mr. Kaustab Sonalkar started Contact Global. His ambition was to start a business that was people-centric and educational in all its experiences, and so entrepreneurship was a natural transition. Kontakt Global is already set up in five countries. The goal is to create a transition from educated people to entrepreneurial talent. Such as career guidance, global education, supporting non-gender binaries, educating women about menstrual hygiene and more. So giving employees flexibility, having a pleasant workplace culture, trusting them and fostering an atmosphere where people want to grow will help expand into new regions of the world in the future. Visit the website here.

9. Magic Gurukul

For more than a decade, Asmat Gurukul e-Learning Institute has nurtured our traditional roots in traditional Vedic Astrology and imparted it through their 24K+ happy students. During the pandemic, an initiative was launched to make Vedic studies digitally accessible to everyone. Mystical Gurukul has made a name for itself by offering courses in Vedic Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Vastu and all related disciplines that provide the best astrological knowledge around the world. In recent years, Asmat Gurukul has assembled a group of teachers from across India to form a strong team. Their goal is to impart Astrological values ​​and educational rights to everyone, regardless of age or ability. They offer 100% placement and career development programs to their students. Visit the website here.

10. Gem mantra

Gemsmantra is a store that sells genuine and certified gemstones in India. The website offers a unique, diverse selection of gemstones including Rudraksha and Pearl. Affiliated with government approved laboratories. Their specialty is the delivery of untreated, unrefined and unprocessed stones directly from the quarry. They are known for their aura matching gemstones that bring better results. Organic high quality types of rudraksha are offered by them. Providing free gemstone recommendations and recommendations to ensure customer satisfaction. They are reaching customers all over the world. Gemsmantra has served more than a million happy customers and is recommended by top astrologers in India. Visit the website here.

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