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A Tacoma business owner is sharing her experience after being robbed at a convenience store. It happened at the 76 Food Mart on the corner of 26th Street and Stevens Street.

Lakhena Pon said she was working on Tuesday night when a man came to the register to pay for soda. But instead of taking his wallet out of his pocket, he took out his gun.

Surveillance video captured the moment the suspect demanded, “Give me the money.” Give me the money. “Give me the money.”

Pon says she’s scared, but quickly pulls out the cash register.

“I pray in my mind,” says Pon. “I say God, please help me.”

The man took the money from the register before thanking Pon as he walked out the door.

“At least he says thank you! He takes all my money, but at least he says thank you,” Pon said.

Tacoma police are investigating the robbery and are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Pohn told KIRO 7 she was afraid the suspect might come back, but she still went back to work the next day. Pon and her husband have owned and operated the food market for 31 years. Both work seven days a week.

Customers say Pons and their food mart are a community staple and should feel safe.

“They were always very pleasant and nice to everyone,” said longtime customer Daryl Hamlin. “For someone to come in with a gun and rob you and threaten like that is horrible for the whole neighborhood. It’s really a statement about where crime has gone in Tacoma.

Pon said this is the first time the food mart has been robbed in 31 years. She hopes the suspect will be arrested soon.

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