Tech company Eleven will be below the floor: top jobs 2022

When visitors enter lobbies from hotels to hospitals, they are often asked to log into the local Wi-Fi network. That’s what technology company Eleven Software Inc. is all about. It uses a leading cloud-based Wi-Fi management platform where it works its magic. While Eleven’s slick interface keeps users connected effortlessly, its corporate culture is anything but superficial. The company’s deep connection with employees has made Eleven a winner for the third year in a row in Oregon/OregonLive’s annual Top Workplaces competition. Anonymous employee feedback, collected by a third party, determines the winners of the top jobs.

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“Our culture is very caring,” said Sarah Stephens, director of human resources at the 44-person company. “I don’t have to worry when I get on board. Everyone really cares about each other.

Stephen has been with Eleven for five years. Before joining the team, she researched the company’s senior management. When she learned of Stephen Eleven’s clear commitment to employee safety and genuine respect for each member of the team, she knew it was a perfect fit.

“They value people first, and you feel it the moment you walk in the door as an employee,” says RuthAnn Day, a software engineer who has worked at Eleven for three years. “There are all kinds of little things.”

A person goes out in meetings every day. “The culture here is you don’t cut people off,” Day said. “This is unusual anywhere in life, and it indicates the level of respect in the organization.” New hires quickly pick up on this difference at Eleven and find it refreshing, Day said.

There are also tangible benefits, such as an ever-evolving benefits package, that continue to remain high at Eleven. Stephenson and his team review benefits each year to see if they can add new programs or enhance existing ones. Another plus is Eleven’s Impact Program, where the company matches employee gifts, dollar for dollar, to nonprofits of their choice. It’s one way Eleven gets involved with causes employees want to support.

“One of the things about this culture of respect is that we’re allowed to choose what we do,” Day said. “There is a lot of autonomy.”

Stephens added that the size of eleven gives people the opportunity to try different roles; Many can expand their skills by wearing different hats.

“We all feel it’s our job to make the company successful,” Day said. We are all allowed to feel that ‘what I do makes a difference’.

Headquartered in Portland, Eleven was completely away when the outbreak began, a transition Stephens says has gone smoothly given the circumstances. In terms of logistics, the technology company has already met most of the technology needs. However, Eleven’s main customers are in the hospitality industry, a sector that has been hit hard. This caused some tension and uncertainty; Some management members have taken pay cuts to avoid layoffs.

More than two years later, Eleven is back firing on all cylinders, but the legacy of the pandemic remains: Most workers embrace remote work. Still, Stephenson said the company plans to continue its efforts to collect in person.

“We’ve recently had events where we’ve had to evict everyone,” she said. “The office was quiet. People were able to see the new people in 3D.

A light-hearted group, one-third are engineers, and enjoy having fun in creative ways. For example, does the company name have anything to do with the heroine of the popular show “Stranger Things”?

“No,” said Stephens—the name actually comes from a set of technical standards that apply to wireless networks.

But when the first season came out, we had a ‘Stranger Things’ party,” she said. “We’re funny.”

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