Tech ties Saugus in the final minutes of the game

Saugus’ Caio Martina heads the ball past Lynn Tech’s Gregor Amici. (Spencer Hassack)

Lynn-Tech tied Saugus 2-2 in the boys soccer game. Saugus’ Melvin Hernandez scored fifteen minutes and thirty seconds into the first half to give Saugus a 1-0 lead. Lynn Tech’s Jason Robles tied the game at 1-1 eight minutes and thirty seconds into the second half.

“We’ve got about five starters now based on the injuries we’ve had. So we’re using some benches today and they battled the whole game,” Lynn Tex coach Eric Moreno said. “There were two sudden free kicks. We missed a lot of shots, but you know we managed to improve the last goal and make it a 2-2 game. So I’m happy with the result.”

“Nobody is more important than anybody else. Today we moved the ball and played our game. We took every shot we could get,” Saugus coach Guillermo Sepulveda said. “Alejandro Ortega played a great game and so did Brian Pineda. Of course, we have our captain sweater coach Melvin Hernandez who did well. They all play in midfield and attack so our defense was good today. Nicolas DeOliverira was the newest addition to the team, he was on fire.

Saugus’ Brian Pineda then scored at seventeen minutes and forty-five seconds to make it 2-1. Then, when the last minutes of the game could be far away, Ruben scored again and tied the game 2-2.

“They have a very strong offense and (Lynn Tech) is a good team. “They got two shots on us, but we have to play our game,” Sepulveda said.

“We changed the formation a little bit and by changing the formation it gives Greg (Amici) a little more help because the teams know Greg and they want to double him. Moreno wants to put two or three men on him. “So mostly he works around him all the time and that system seems to work. You will see that we have a good team after we get all the players we lost due to injuries. “My team fought hard until the end, so I’ll take it.”

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