Texas Tech football is throwing bodies and hits right now.

Dimitri Moore played for Joey McGuire at Cedar Hill before moving on to Vanderbilt as a freshman. He ended up transferring to Missouri State before finding his way back to Joey McGuire at Texas Tech.

Chrishon Merriweather was the leading scorer his senior season at Missouri State but took the JUCO route out of high school. A few years at Garden City CC prepared Meriweather for the jump to Texas Tech. He is now in his third season as a Super Senior as a Red Raider.

Marquis Waters signed with Duke in 2017 and played in 49 games as a Blue Devil before moving to the Red Raiders last season. He missed the Big 12 playoffs in 2021 after an injury and returned for his super senior season.

All three were recruited and played their final high school football game in 2017, and all have their final chance at college football this season. All three play from the defensive side of the linebacker or safety. All transferred to Texas Tech after starting elsewhere.

All of the similarities on the field seem to connect the three players, but those similarities don’t end with just the three on the field. They formed a rap supergroup off the field as well.

Well, on the field most of their music videos are being shot by Jones.

Their first single, Strap up During the video, Moore, Waters and Meriweather throw down, showing some talent from all three.

Moore and Meriweather aren’t the first Texas Tech linebackers to take a little rap on the sidelines. Seattle Seahawks linebacker Jordin Brooks freestyled during 2019 media days.

14 examples of how Texas Tech football players can earn their NIL money

I am stepping in to help match some of the Texas Tech football players with the most local businesses by unlocking the ability for NCAA athletes to make NIL money. Everyone from Tyler Shaw to Austin McNamara will have a chance to get their hands on a deal if they do it right.

I believe some of these deals are actually done. Here are my thoughts.

12 incredibly bold predictions for Texas Tech football

These may not happen, but it would be great if they did.

If FPI is correct, Texas Tech will go 5-7

The ESPN FPI, or Football Power Index, is a mathematical formula like most other leagues. “Measure a team’s true strength with a net points scale; The expected points margin against the average competitor on neutral ground.” He says. According to ESPN. The projected results are based on 20,000 simulations over the remainder of the season using FPI as a model. Preseason predictions are incomplete because a big part of the puzzle is the results that have already happened, which will affect the rest of the schedule. So, based on half of the puzzle, Texas Tech is predicted to get wins in all five of their games. These projections will change daily once the season starts, but it’s good to have a baseline of analytical expectations heading into the season.

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