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Weak after Snap In the wake of Q1 digests and earnings reports from major US tech companies this week, we wondered if the ad market is in trouble. Most people associate Microsoft or Apple with advertising not because they’re Alphabet or Meta, but because the majors — including Amazon and Apple — have materially sized advertising businesses, which means the ad market influences each.

(That ad says something interesting about competition in the tech industry, which is considered a poor business model for small companies and startups – loosely speaking – but a huge source of revenue for platform companies. But maybe that’s a topic for another day.)

Now, if three of the five major players report their Q2 results, how are their advertising results?

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The question is focused on other sectors of the economy: Tech companies make a lot of money by producing ads, but for companies like Netflix working hard to increase their subscription revenue with ads, the question of ad performance is not idle and affects trillions of dollars. Corporate value.

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