The Army is looking to boost small business tech through Project Vista, among other initiatives

Secretary General of the Army Gabe Camarillo The service plans to launch a number of startups that seek to bring technology developed by small businesses into the system, he said. Project VistaThe federal news network, which aims to help small companies pass through the “valley of death”, reported on Tuesday.

“We felt the Army needed to do something besides help with that Death Valley Bridge, because a lot of times we’ve only talked about it in terms of direct contract awards to small businesses,” Camarillo told FNN in an interview.

But most of these opportunities for small businesses ignore the innovation and technology our small businesses can provide that can be used by our warfighters in partnership with the construction industry.

With Project Vista, the Army plans to award high technical standards to vendors whose proposals include technologies from companies supported by the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs as part of the source selection process.

Camarillo discussed the service’s plan to launch “Catalyst,” which will invest directly in technology platforms that “fall through the cracks” and establish an “IP cell” of experts to advise procurement officials on how to structure intellectual property deals. Industry.

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