The Bahraini ambassador spoke to students about the relationship between business and government

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid Al Khalifa ’01, MBA’03, visited Bentley on September 19 to discuss how Bahrain is working to strengthen economic and geopolitical ties with countries and engage with students, faculty and staff on the issue. The role of business in solving human problems. More than 150 members of the Bentley community attended a fireside discussion at the Wilder Pavilion with Ambassador and Bentley President E. Labrent Charit.

President Chirit, who has spent time in the Middle East and worked to strengthen economic conditions and improve business education opportunities for people around the world, asked Khalifa about the role of education in Bahrain’s “Economic Vision 2023”, which outlines a strategy for change. The country “from regional pioneer to global competitor”.

“Forward-thinking goals must be linked to society’s most important human capital,” Kriti said, commending the ambassador on the country’s “ambitious” goals, which include reducing emissions by 30% and doubling household incomes by 2035. 2030.

“We were true believers in education,” said Khalifa, adding that Bahrain is known for its “high professionalism in human capital” and is committed to repatriating college graduates. Human capital is “very rich” in a country’s development, Khalifa said: “We invest in our youth.” We are determined to ensure that there is a pool of knowledge that can answer in various responsibilities… Education is definitely the way forward.

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