The entire fintech industry is not in trouble


‘The buzz and momentum of these companies is unlike anything I’ve seen before.’

with many With fintechs laying off workers, it might be easy to imagine that the entire industry is in trouble.

But it is not like that. In fact, some companies are facing mass layoffs.

Rex Salisbury, founding partner of Cambrian Ventures and formerly of the fintech investment team at Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), believes that fintech founders, especially at the pre-seed and seed stages, are “big winners in the current job market. And they’re attracting top talent that was unreachable 6 months ago.” The buzz and progress of these companies is unlike anything I’ve seen before, it’s unbelievable.

And Lee Hauer, co-founder and partner at NextView Ventures, who was on LinkedIn’s founding team, believes there are fintechs that are “growing” despite the downturn.

“I was the first employee at PayPal and we grew up during the dotcom bust and we had a rare IPO in 2002,” he told TechCrunch. Today’s brightest stars in fintech, despite their macro backgrounds, are succeeding equally because they are solving real problems that consumers, businesses and financial institutions face every day.

Here are some fintech companies that are hiring. Note that this is clearly not an all-inclusive list and we will cover more in future issues of our fintech newsletter, The Interchange. (Note, it comes out every Sunday and is free.)

  • The beginning of the insurance infrastructure LulaIt has raised $18 million in funding from the likes of NextView Ventures, Founders Fund and Khosla Ventures and is hiring 10 people in engineering, production and sales.
  • Another part of the infrastructure startup, it’s also hiring — about a dozen open roles across the US and Israel. The company closed a $100 million Series C funding round led by Insight Partners last year at a valuation of $1.2 billion.
  • ArrangeThe New York-based provider of financial, identity and privacy protection tools to consumers is hiring 8 engineers for the new product. Hello privacy. The company launched. 67 million dollars from Battery Ventures, NextView Ventures and General Catalyst.
  • Business application It is hiring 14 in engineering, support, operations, marketing, production and design. The company was last assembled in 2015. 2021 – $220 million Series D funding at a $1.2 billion valuation.
  • Keep it safeEmergency Savings FinTech is hiring for at least five more roles in sales and operations over the next few months.
  • Set point It is hiring for 5 roles in Sales, Finance, Operations and Engineering. The company recently raised a new $43 million led by Andreessen Horowitz
  • OatFi, The recently launched B2B BNPL 8 million dollar seed from QED and Rex Salisbury of Cambrian, is hiring. Four roles.

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