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Jens Kaeumle, Chair of the School of Fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), describes the Class of 2022 as “the future of the fashion industry.” Indeed, this group of graduates presented important themes this year, focusing on inclusion, diversity, gender neutrality, adaptive design, sustainability and smart clothing, and digital innovation.

“Our students’ energy and interests were boundless and their skills and professionalism will lead them to be the creators of a bright future for the fashion and design industries,” said Kaeumle. “Friendships were made that will last a lifetime. Our students collaborated, connected and proved to the world that teamwork with a smile can move mountains. We are proud of their creative achievements and the goals they achieved. Not only on the catwalk did the talent of our fashion design students shine, but already through the successful launches of their professional careers.”

And it’s a bright future with major brands.

Kaeumle said Nike, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, Anthropologie and many others “were delighted to have the companies capture our SCAD School of Fashion Design talent.”

Here, Fairchild Studio spotlights three students from the Class of 2022 whose inspirations, designs and collections reflect why SCAD is an industry leader and a top choice among fashion students.

Name: Sofia Arante (BFA, fashion, 2022)

Age: 22

Birthplace: Manila, Philippines

Sofia Arante

Fairchild Studio: What were some of the inspirations, concepts, or other factors that influenced your thesis work?

SA: “Being like a child”, the title of my older collection, derives from my personal experience during the pandemic. Being in a situation of uncertainty gave me a sense of urgency, but through the encouragement of my SCAD professors, I channeled that energy into my designs and was able to connect with my emotions through art—discovering that my place of comfort, as a child of the soul. Being a child means simply being: fearless, spontaneous, curious, imaginative, generous and enthusiastic. I realized that it wasn’t about how quickly I could make my hopes and dreams come true, but how I could enjoy the process of making them come true along the way.

SCAD Savannah – Spring 2022 – Fashion Show – Runway Coverage – Main Look – Designer: Sofia Arante – Philippines – Model: Rebecca Zaizay – SCAD Museum of Art – Photo courtesy of SCAD

Fairchild Studio: How would you describe your experience at SCAD? What shaped your teaching?

SA: My experience at SCAD was a dream come true. I knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue fashion design, and when I discovered SCAD, I knew it would be the perfect university to hone my talents and skills and best prepare me for a career in successful. As the fashion industry is competitive, SCAD and my professors made me realize that it is my passion that can take me to greater heights. It was also exciting to be surrounded by the most talented and driven students – not just in the School of Fashion, but in other degree programs. SCAD instills a culture of collaboration and sharing the same passion for fashion, art and design with my peers was the highlight of my college experience. Coming to SCAD from the Philippines, I was exposed to new cultures, experiences and ideas that shaped my vision as a designer today. With the guidance of the most talented and successful fashion professors at SCAD, I was able to turn my dreams into reality.

Fairchild Studio: What are your career plans from here?

SA: I recently moved to Philadelphia and took a full-time job as a designer assistant at Anthropologie for Maeve, focusing on their soft woven dresses, skirts, sets and tops. I couldn’t be happier and I’m so excited for what lies ahead!

Name: Ja’Baris Baskerville (MFA, fashion, 2022)

Age: 34

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

The future of fashion

Ja’Baris Baskerville

Fairchild Studio: What were some of the inspirations, concepts, or other factors that influenced your thesis work?

JB: As a menswear designer, I am always looking for original and innovative ways to design for the fashion perspective. My design aesthetic centers around the idea of ​​luxury streetwear meets fashion as it relates to retro-futurism. Emphasizing strong classic shapes with a modern appeal, inspired by 1980s retro. Embracing unique silhouettes and innovative design elements, including elastic geometric contours, exaggerated shoulders, strong construction, 3D tailoring capabilities and creative manipulations of fabrics. My collection specializes in menswear design with a focus on gender fluidity.

I design clothes that are full of personality and individuality, which is essential to stand out from the competition. Embracing confidence, empowerment and happiness. For me, fashion is a form of imagination and self-expression. Throughout my journey as an emerging designer, I have achieved a remarkable ability to discover and mature as it relates to the formation of my design perspective and identity.

The inspiration behind my vintage SCAD collection is based on my personal views and understanding of what it means to pursue happiness. Embracing references from the Japanese philosophy “wabi sabi” which means “the beauty of imperfection”, I wanted to create a collection that embraces finding inner peace in the present moment and appreciating life’s transitions, to freely pursue joy and to living in a way that makes me happy.

SCAD Savannah – Spring 2022 – Fashion Show – Runway Coverage – Main Look – Designer: Ja'Baris Baskerville – Atlanta, GA – Model: Shiloh Smith – SCAD Museum of Art – Photo courtesy of SCAD

Fairchild Studio: How would you describe your experience at SCAD? What shaped your teaching?

JB: My experience at SCAD has been life changing and inspiring to say the least. I knew SCAD was one of the top art and design universities, but the moment I stepped onto campus for my initial open house tour, I was overwhelmed with inspiration and knew this was the place for me. SCAD is a wonderful environment for creatives to unleash their imaginations and explore the countless possibilities on offer.

I began my MFA studies at SCAD in 2018, where I have studied a wide range of courses that have built a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of the art, skilled technical sewing skills, including product development, draping and modeling . Throughout my journey as a graduate student, it was the guidance and mentorship of my SCAD professors and authentic constructive criticism that helped pave the way for my self-discovery as it pertained to understanding my design aesthetic and perspective as a fashion. the designer.

Focusing on the concept of menswear design is where I found my voice. As I began to realize my strengths as a designer, I began to focus on becoming more proficient with pattern making and expanded my skills by studying several aspects of design, including evening wear and denim. These developments have helped to take my design aesthetic to the next level as I focus on bringing the two together to create a more contemporary perspective on the world of denim and the countless possibilities in the world of tailoring.

Fairchild Studio: What are your career plans from here?

JB: I now have an incredible design internship at Michael Kors, where I am exposed to first-hand experience with a team of senior designers and am expanding my knowledge of the industry and as a creative professional. I have dreams of launching a luxury gender clothing brand and design studio, as well as creating a fashion consulting firm focused on design, forecasting, photography and styling.

Name: D’on Lauren Edwards (BFA, fashion, 2022)

Age: 22

Hometown: Portland, OR

The future of fashion

Dear Lauren Edwards

Hadley Stambaugh

Fairchild Studio: What were some of the inspirations, concepts, or other factors that influenced your thesis work?

DLE: My SCAD Senior Thesis collection entitled “The Messenger” is an evening wear collection inspired by my great grandmother, Joyce. She was a biracial woman, raised by immigrant parents from Senegal and Ireland during the 1930s and 1940s. She moved across the country to Los Angeles after she married and had children, and she was a woman of courage, strength, and tenderness—even her and I have the same birthday. As a young girl, she instilled in me the faith and practices of Catholicism and the belief in angels. My grandmother sadly passed away 4 years ago, but I still believe that her presence is with me – guiding and protecting me throughout my life.

Through my faith and interest in astrology, I discovered that there are angels for each of the 12 zodiac signs. Inspired by a spiritual being who serves as a divine messenger, the Aries Angel Machidiel brings courage and soul renewal to those who fall under the sun signs of Aries. This collection captures the power and influence of angels while illuminating the childlike, impulsive and dynamic cardinal fire sign.

My collection features a subtle soft color palette that symbolizes a softer message of the dynamic color that represents Aries, while embracing the fiery hues. This soft color palette also symbolizes the beauty, harmony and calming energies of the Aries birthstones, diamond and aquamarine. My designer dresses with high necklines and long soft drapes are a nod to traditional Catholic clothing, but re-envisioned for modernity, with fiery cuts and crystal fabric manipulation and embroidery.

SCAD Savannah – Spring 2022 – Fashion Show – Runway Coverage – Highlights – Designer: D'on Lauren Edwards – Beaverton, OR – Model: Grace Foster – SCAD Museum of Art – Photo courtesy of SCAD

Fairchild Studio: How would you describe your experience at SCAD? What shaped your teaching?

DLE: My experience at SCAD was very inspiring, rich with endless opportunities and inspiration. I am a naturally curious person and have always been interested in discovering new aspects and elements within design. While at SCAD, I took many classes and workshops from evening wear, accessory design, jewelry, and knitwear that opened my eyes to the different facets that are in design. I discovered passions that I could see myself pursuing while in the industry. My learning was shaped by exploring parts of the country and the world. Studying in Savannah was very different culturally from living on the west coast. I am very grateful that through the opportunities afforded to me at SCAD, I was able to study abroad in two international locations with memorable and enriching experiences in Hong Kong and Lacoste, France. I will carry those experiences with me forever and they will continue to shape me as a designer.

Fairchild Studio: What are your career plans from here?

DLE: I recently moved to New York and am currently working at Camuto Group as an assistant shoe and accessory designer. I am very grateful for this opportunity and intend to continue to develop and improve my design skills in all areas of the industry, ranging from fashion, footwear and accessories.

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