The growing business of plant nurses … is expanding | Santa Maria Chamber Spotlight | Business

Plantel Nurseries in the Santa Maria Valley has been producing high quality garden transplants for over 35 years.

It’s easy to see the Santa Maria Valley’s farmlands being loaded with vegetables, fruits and flowers in the fall, but the work begins before then.

The difficulties faced by crops before harvest are most evident at the beginning; Weather, pests and predators can have a profound effect on a plant’s growth, even its ability to survive.

That’s where vegetable transplants come in, like those produced by Plantel Nurses.


Les Graulich, Plantel CFO/Secretary, walks into a room holding young vegetable transplants at the company’s Santa Maria manufacturing facility.


Among the three Santa Maria Valley growing operations, Plantel Nurseries 1,350,000 square feet of greenhouse space and the same square footage for outdoor growing.

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