The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance held a luncheon to discuss the future of business

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDJ) – The Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance held a luncheon on Thursday to discuss the future of businesses and their online presence since the outbreak of Covid-19.

Leaders from Truist and Amplified attended as sponsors along with guest speaker Sarah Davis, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Lee Enterprises.

Davis talked about how Covid-19 has changed the way consumers shop, educating business owners on how it’s important to revamp their business model towards an e-commerce approach.

“During the pandemic, the height of online shopping and everyone stuck at home and zoomed in. It really changed the interface. We’re seeing about 30% less foot traffic to retail stores in the last few years,” Davis said.

According to a report by, global e-commerce sales are expected to grow to $6.4 trillion by 2024.

Eyeglass brands that you can order four or five frames from and send them to be fitted on a map. right? So how is that customer experience? How can you make it easier? That’s where the Amazons of the world have done a great job, because you’re just online, at the click of a button shop, buy here now tomorrow. So, for our local partners and our local businesses, that’s going to be difficult for them. It’s hard to compete with the Jeff Bezos of the world. So, by making that process a little more personal, telling the story of why you’re different and better. And then making that easier for customers to see e-commerce solutions is huge because it’s worth starting to re-engineer your platform. Trillions of dollars are being spent on it. I mean, people don’t even go to the grocery store,” Davis said.

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