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In order to get startups off the ground and on a solid footing, they need two essential early stage founders – funding and media exposure. Earned media can translate into funding, but it can also translate into more recruiting opportunities for those who have raised money now. And, if you place an article in the right publication, it can grow your customer base as well.

Media coverage in trusted outlets can turn your startup in the right direction without spending any marketing dollars. It promotes your company to a wider or more targeted audience and can ultimately be the brand you create.

Sounds good, right? But you’re not the only startup looking for high-quality media coverage. Journalists are literally inundated with pitch tubes every day. They, like their audience, may have short attention spans and become impatient with pitches that are too long-winded or irrelevant to them.

Learning how to develop mutual respect and lasting relationships with journalists will serve you well now and throughout your entrepreneurial career. Increasing your media-absorbing abilities by increasing your investor voice is at the same level.

That’s why we invited ASTRSK founder and CEO Elliot Tomaeno to share best practices in the aptly named session. How to get paid media At TechCrunch Early Stage on April 14th. He details the way journalists think about news and outlines effective strategies for cutting through the noise and capturing their attention. In short, he explains why he believes the most important work is done before sending that first email to a reporter.

Tomeno founded ASTRSK, a NYC-based public relations firm, in 2011. Over the past decade, Tomeno’s client roster has included dozens of creative companies, including The Group, Lemonade, Misfits Market, Moon, Prime Video, Carespace, THINX and TomboyX.

ASTRSK has participated in the promotion of more than 300 startups and technology products and has been part of 12 exits. Tomano, an angel investor, has placed bets on female founders’ funds and is an LP in Prime Ventures.

Prior to ASTRSK, Tomeno spent 15 years honing his PR skills at various agencies in San Francisco, NYC, London and Paris. Companies he has worked with include Facebook, Eventbrite, Squarespace, Frank & Oak, Glu Mobile, ClassPass and Zola.

Tomeno has spent his life telling startup stories to journalists, and in TC Early Stage, he shares the right way to attract and pitch journalists to get invaluable media exposure for your business.

TC Early Stage sessions provide plenty of time to participate, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the topics and skills necessary for beginner success. There are only a few more tickets available at this price, so register now and reserve your spot before it nearly doubles!

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