The supermarket is the first venture to open in the $52M Sharswood Ridge shopping centre.

t is the first business to open in the complex, which also includes Everest Urgent Care, a barbecue restaurant, a Santander Bank branch, other retail outlets and a parking garage.

“There will be jobs and opportunities in the area,” Jeremiah said. It’s part of an effort to bring more amenities to the community.

According to PHA, the mall and apartments will be completed in October. It is managed by Mosaic Development Partners, a black-owned company in Philadelphia.

It is estimated that 50 to 100 jobs will be created at the new businesses, yet to open.

Donta Rose, 28, owner-operator of the 17,628-square-foot Grocery Outlet, grew up in North Philadelphia, and many of the 30 employees hired are from the neighborhood. Many of the employees are PHA residents.

Rose’s company opened stores in Germantown, Northeast and South Philadelphia. He worked at a grocery outlet for about a year and a half.

“Once I saw them coming here, I thought I was the right person for the job,” Rose said. “I’ve experienced our sales model of opening stores, ordering products and getting the best deals. It’s the heart of North Philadelphia and I’m very comfortable with it.”

Tommy Baschem, a new store growth partner at the discount store, Grocery Outlet, said Rose’s reputation for hard work at the company helped him get noticed as an owner-operator candidate.

“We have an ‘Aspiring Owner in Training’ program. So Rose went through the program and trained with other owner-operator candidates at another store. After going through an interview process, Rose was selected for the Sharswood store,” Bashem said.

“We want to put the best business partners in the area, who are involved in the community and know the community. “He’s from this area, he’s a great anchor in the community,” Bashem said.

Grocery Outlet has 400 stores nationwide, all owned and operated, serving approximately 1.5 million shoppers per week.

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