The Ukrainian business owner continued to help Ukraine during the war

Panama City, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – A local Ukrainian is not giving up on her efforts to help her homeland.

“It’s still a battle,” said Terra Bella Soaps and co-owner Jaroslava Snysar. “For those who say it’s not war, it’s not, go and visit. We still have orphans. We still have dead people. We have children without limbs. Our families are broken, our cities are broken.

That is why she encourages the public to help the cause.

“We will continue to buy and donate,” Snitsar said. “This continues to help. I have a lot of links not only to my city, but to Ukraine in general and the military and others. It’s very easy to find those links. I can repost them to my page and you can help when you can.”

Her hometown of Vinnytsia has received updates on how she is doing after a heavy bombing earlier this month.

“The Civic Center is going to be torn down,” Sinisar said. “Two more people died in the hospital. We had many people taken to different countries for treatment because we simply couldn’t do it.

Snitsar said she will continue to donate money from her business to Ukraine as needed.

You can visit her every Saturday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm at St. Andrews, a market near Bay Park on the Oaks side of Panama City.

Handmade products are also sold online.

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